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Tin Pot Dictator Stove

Tin Pot Dictator Stove: "

Tin Pot Dictator Stove

I'm really into stoves right now. I think that so much can be done with different stoves for both heating and cooking. Here in Colorado, the fire danger is usually high due to the dryness and the altitude, so being able to have a fire in a (somewhat) safe manor is very attractive to me. I've seen several people make stoves out of tin cans and wanted to take a stab at it myself.

Initial Review: OscarDelta Deep Carry Tubes

Initial Review: OscarDelta Deep Carry Tubes: "

SnakeDr666 is a innovative designer/builder/modifier of SERE, black ops and survival gear. What I enjoy most about SnakeDr666's gear is his constant evolution and improvement of designs. He takes a good idea and refines and perfects it, each version better than the last.

Paracord wrist lanyards with sliding leather turks head knots...

Paracord wrist lanyards with sliding leather turks head knots...: "I had a couple of feet of leftover leather lace, and used them to tie these single pass, five lead four bight(5L4B) turks head knots, tightened over wooden beads, which can slide along the loop for adjustment.

The wrist lanyards were made with about 30 inches of foliage green paracord, forming a wrist loop, tying a lanyard knot, running one strand around the swivel snap hook, then working it back into the lanyard knot, so no ends are visible.


Aspirin from Trees

Aspirin from TreesASPIRIN from Poplar/Aspen
Poplars contain a compound known as salicin in their inner bark. The marketed artificial substance many of you are familiar with is acetylsalicylic acid, or more commonly Aspirin.
You can chew on the cambium layer and swallow the juices. A second method of ingestion would be to mix about 2 table spoons of the inner bark (cambium layer) into hot water to steep for about 10 minutes and then drink it. It’s kinda’ bitter tasting but either method works. I do not believe any of the external bark is capable of harming you, and most assuredly with Aspen/poplar. Again, prove me right or prove me wrong.

BUSH COOKING: Bannock Bread

BUSH COOKING: Bannock Bread: "
There are many different variations of the traditional bannock bread recipe, here are just a few of my favourite.

Sports: Being Aron Ralston --


Emergency Disaster Preparedness B*O*B (Bug out Bag) How To


Bug Out Bag: Sleeping Bags

Bug Out Bag: Sleeping Bags: "OK I will be honest right up front. Sleeping bags are not one of my areas of expertise. I have always been the guy that goes to the camping store and grabs a salesperson and has them tell me what I should have according to how I am going to use it and where. That being said I decided that it was finally time for me to learn more about sleeping bags since they are such a vital piece of equipment in our bug out bag. So here it goes.

Cheap and Easy Fire Starters

Cheap and Easy Fire Starters: "

Cheap and Easy Fire Starters

I have to give a special shout out to my mom on this one. She sent me some of these awhile back and I was really impressed by them. If I don't have time to mess around with lighting a fire, I use fire sticks from the store. They are greasy, sticky and they stink. Not to mention it takes about a minute to actually get one to light on fire. I'm going to show you a low cost solution for those of you that want to start a fire and start one quickly.

8 Compelling Reasons to Store Food

8 Compelling Reasons to Store Food: "
Food storage is a form of insurance. You buy it now in case you need it in the future.

Even the ancient Greeks stored food!

How to Pack A Backpack For Traveling


Wolverine Survival Knife Review custom machete

Wolverine Survival Knife Review custom machete: "
Meet the Wolverine. My answer to the Tom Brown Tracker and the Woodman’s Pal. Both are very nice tools, but cost too much. Since making this video I’ve purchased a Cold Steel Barong Machete. It’s way better than the Wolverine. The Wolverine was fun to make though. So I bought a $6 parang machete, cut the handle off to bring the blade to just over 9″, added a finger groove for finer work, and added my own wood handle. The result is a machorty (short machete), that is lighter, safer and more faster than a full size machete. The coat is made of 55-gallon barrel of quality plastic for food. The riveted together and has some velcro and a bag. The bag has a forward focus, a clutch Gerber Multi-Tool and a carbide sharpener Speedy. The knife is very well established and are very happy with the design. It 's very likely to replace my ax. Stay tuned for more videos in the future to me with the Wolverine.

Atomic Clocks

A Humorous Look at Bushcraft and Survival


Carving A Wooden Spatula

his video takes you through all the stages of carving a section of log, into a spatula you can use in the kitchen.

Simple Survival Tools - The Signal Mirror

Simple Survival Tools - The Signal Mirror: "
The signal mirror in the above photo is a mil-spec (Type 1/MA23), 2 inch by 3 inch, Lexan-polycarbonate StarFlash Signal Mirror manufactured by School of Survival Specialties, Inc. This is one of the original StarFlash signal mirrors. These signal mirrors are standard issue in Air Force survival kits.

Build a $4 DIY Solar Battery Charger [DIY]

Build a $4 DIY Solar Battery Charger [DIY]: "

There's no need to pay the electric company to charge your small electronics when you've got a portable solar charger on hand. Learn how to turn some cheap solar panels and a Tupperware container into a solar charging station. More »


How to make a Hobo Stove

How to make and use a hobo stove

Coghlans Survival Kit in a Can

Coghlans's "Survival Kit-in-a-Can"

Riverwalker's Gear - Gerber Compact Sport Multi-Tool

Riverwalker's Gear - Gerber Compact Sport Multi-Tool: "

For well over a decade now, Gerber has managed to create some of the best multi-function tools made today. They are making them stronger and more versatile than ever before. Gerber offers a wide range of multi-tools for almost any purpose.

Mora Forest 2000 Custom Sheath

[PT]Deixo aqui algumas fotos da minha nova bainha feita em pele para a Mora2000
[EN] This is my new custom made (by my self), sheath for a Mora Florest 2000

One Thing Every Survival Knife Needs But Few Have

A firesteel is easy to get ahold of, and with a little practice, simple to use

Riverwalker’s Top Ten Survival Tools

Riverwalker’s Top Ten Survival Tools: "
1 1 1. A sharp mind. Your best survival tool is your brain.
2. An even sharper blade. It’s also a good idea to have a back-up blade.
3. A signaling device for communication. This could be as simple as a mirror or whistle or as advanced as a cell phone. Remember that communication is both sight and sound.
4. A first aid kit - Even a very basic first aid kit will be essential and will prevent minor injuries from becoming major problems.
5. A container and a means of water purification and filtration - Water is critical for your survival and you will need a way to purify and filter your water.
6. A fire starting kit - This could include matches, a lighter, or a good firesteel.
7. An accurate map and compass - If you get lost, these items will be a real lifesaver.
8. A form of shelter - A tarp, tent, plastic sheeting, emergency blanket etc.
9. A good rope and cordage - A stout rope capable of handling large loads and cordage for handling lig…

Cord Weight/Strength/Cost Comparisons

Cord Weight/Strength/Cost Comparisons: "

Over the last few months I've been slowly pulling together a spreadsheet of specifications about different types of cordage that are commonly use by backpackers and hikers with the intent of being able to slice and dice the information in several different ways, by weight, strength, diameter, etc. I've recently completed the comparison table using what I consider to be the most commonly used 'cord contenders'.

Gathering together a Sewing Kit.

Gathering together a Sewing Kit.: "

One of the prep's that I have been putting off for quite some time now has been a Sewing Kit. I will be the first to tell you that I am not an expert when it comes to sewing. After my many years of military service I have had to do more that my share of my own sewing along the way. All those unit patches and buttons to sew back on. I have been putting a lot of thought into this prep. If our economy does finally tank out, being able to fix your own clothes and equipment is going to be vital.

The Simplest Type of Stove is Simple....if You're Not a Simpleton....

The Simplest Type of Stove is Simple....if You're Not a Simpleton....: "Today in the News: We're having a giveaway. The pool is still pretty small. If you're interested, email me at . The giveaway ends Thursday.

Link of the Day: Our regular guest writer, The Wandering Thinker, has started his own blog! I had the honor of being his first follower. Please, visit his site and click "follow". Guys like TWT, bmatt and Bernard Ten Bears, and Le Loup are the people that were vocal from the beginning and kept me rolling on this project. Let's give back! Go click follow!

The Simplest Type of Stove is Simple....if You're Not a Simpleton....

Im sold on the Hultafors Forrest Axe.

Im sold on the Hultafors Forrest Axe.: "Well I got my Hultafors Forrest axe today and Im sold.

It made short and easy work of the apple wood,pine,willow and Hawthorn root.
This would have been twice as hard with my hatchet but the Forrest axe breezed through it in short time.
Now I need to go to the woods.

Knife Review: Frost Mora SL2 Review

Knife Review: Frost Mora SL2 Review

The Lightweight Outdoors Guide to Layering

The Lightweight Outdoors Guide to Layering: "
Many books, websites, grandfathers, blokes in the pub and strange men on Twitter will have their own opinion regarding outdoor clothing – in particular layering systems. Everyone knows that “cotton kills”, fleece is great and many thin layers are better than a few thick layers, but how many layers are appropriate? And will a system designed for the Arizona desert work in dreich Scotland? I’ve drawn my system (modular, naturally) from all the sources mentioned above as well as my personal experiences, and I’m pretty happy with it.

Here’s what I wear:

What about you?


All Things - Knife Making Tutorials

Excellent article from All Things - Knife Making Tutorials: "
Here I have compiled a page of information to external links delving into the world of Knife Making. These are not just pretty pictures, they are full tutorials on how to get into the craft!.. So delve in and get making your perfect blade!

What is the best knife for woodcarving and whittling?

Imagem talks about What is the best knife for woodcarving and whittling?: "Woodcarving is so much easier if you have the right tools for the job and thankfully in this case the right tools need not cost a fortune.
So what makes a good woodcarving knife and what should you look for when buying one? It should be made of a good quality steel, reasonably hard and take a good edge, most knives on the market you can take this one as read. It should be quite narrow from top to bottom in order to allow cuts in concave areas, anything over 15mm gets in the way, this is where most general purpose knives fail to make good carvers. It should not have any sort of hilt or blade guard, these get in the way and are not needed for carving. They are only needed to stop the hand sliding onto the blade if using a stabbing type cut which we never do in woodcarving. A relatively long thin blade without too much "belly" works much better for most cuts, the bell…

Wood gift

Aqui a umas semanas foi-me pedido pelo meu chefe de agrupamento, que fizesse um presente para ser entregue nas comemorações dos 50 anos do agrupamento 342 de Vialonga. Entretanto houve confusão com as datas e tive muito pouco tempo para pensar e executar este trabalho.
Com esta falta de tempo tive que improvisar e decidi criar uma "vela" com base num tronco de eucalipto e chama de um bocado de madeira exótica que tinha cá para casa.
Fica aqui algumas fotos (não muito ilustrativas).

1º Decalquei com papel químico o desenho que queria e comecei o trabalho
2º Várias passagens de lixa de vários tipos
3º Dei-lhe com uma cera que tinha cá para casa
4º Foi colocada uma placa com uma pequena mensagem

Espero de gostem

Some days ago, the leader of my scout group asked me to make a present to be given to another group in their 50 anniversary. There was a little confusion with the dates, and i end up with only 3 days the make it. With the lack of time, i decided to make a …

How to Make Backpacking Pot Cozies

How to Make Backpacking Pot Cozies: "

How to Make Backpacking Pot Cozies

This is how I make pot cozies for my cooking system in the backcountry. They really change the way I cook and save quite a bit of fuel as well. From:

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Wilderness Hygiene

"So this is a short video on wilderness hygiene, thanks for watching, comment and subscribe and check out our new website!"

First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits: "There are many different theories on what you need in a First Aid kit. My thoughts on the subject come down to every ones needs are different. I looked around for a first aid kit that fit my needs. I never found one that really fit. I am a diabetic and my needs are quite different than what others need. For instance I have to watch out for infections on my feet and hands, because I don't have very good circulation in my extremities if I get blisters on my feet or hands they have a bad habit of getting infected. In my first aid kit I keep allot of antibiotic ointment to put on cuts and blisters to ward off infections.

Mora Knife Re-Handling

Mora Knife Re-Handling: "
This is my first try at re-handling a knife, so I thought I'd keep it simple, no antler, leather or brass bolsters here, just a simple handle (with a little caving) for a simple blade.

Blade patinered, pear wood handle carved, epoxied on and linsead oiled up!

The Five ‘S’s of any Emergency Kit

The Five ‘S’s of any Emergency Kit: "

image by DoubleM2

Your 72 Hour Kit, Bug Out Bag, Get Home Bag, or whatever you want to call it might be as fully equipped as can be, but if you haven’t covered the Five S’s, it may fall short just when you need it most.

“NATURE CALLED, I ANSWERED” Brian The Adventurer Episode One: Part 1 (MAN VS. WILD SPOOF)

“NATURE CALLED, I ANSWERED” Brian The Adventurer Episode One: Part 1 (MAN VS. WILD SPOOF): "

WEBSITE Brian tears through the wilds of Southeast Michigan teaching us how to survive. Man vs. Wild spoof Director: Randen Syjut Directors of Photography: Randen Syjut and Joel Johnson Producer: Brian McShane"



7 Best Survival Movies of All Time

7 Best Survival Movies of All Time: "

With award season in full swing, we’ve got movies on our mind. Following the hype and success that came along with 127 Hours, we’ve decided to reminisce about other popular Man vs. Wild movies. The kind that feature tough heroes who go against the odds when fighting for survival in the fierce outdoors.

Plane crashes seem to be a prevailing theme throughout our top selections. And how else would someone end up secluded and unprepared to face the wrath of Mother Nature?

In any case, we envy the sheer strength and bravery these fine fellows display. While this selection isn’t the best for in-flight movies, they are perfect for fans of action-packed survival stories. See which ones made the cut.

Man in the Wilderness (1971) - Set in the 1800s, a guide for fur trappers and Indian traders is left behind to die after suffering a bear attack. Does he survive? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Into the Wild (2007) - Much like 127 Hours, this film was …

How to Tie the Olias Knot by TIAT

How to Tie the Olias Knot by TIAT: "

How to Tie the Olias Knot by TIAT

The Olias Knot was inspired by the symbol shown on the cover art of Jon Anderson's progressive rock concept album, Olias of Sunhillow. The symbol and the knot represent the unity between the earthly and the divine. Video Production by JD of Tying It All Together. From:

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Using a Compass - The Basics

Using a Compass - The Basics: "

I quite often run into fellow backpackers during my hikes and enjoy chatting with them about where they're from and what they're doing, the usual trail chit-chat. A lot of the time our conversations include discussions about the current hike and conditions along the trail, where to find water and areas to avoid if necessary, sharing information with fellow hikers is one of the best parts of meeting people along the trail, in my opinion.

Get Home Bags are Essential

Get Home Bags are Essential: "
As suburban preppers we are in our cars a lot. The suburbs were created so people could commute from the more desirable urban sprawl into the cities for employment where the cost of living was high and the living conditions were less than optimal.

So as a general rule, most of us suburbanites spend quite a bit of time in our cars. Therefore we must be prepared for the S to hit the fan while on the road. Your worst fear should be traveling along at 65 on the freeway when a bright light nearly blinds you. You car goes dead and begins to slow despite the fact that you are giving the car gas. You look around and all the other cars are drifting to a stop and suddenly realize that a nuke detonated close enough to cause an EMP pulse to disable your vehicle (which is basically a big computer these days) and you are now a “freeway refuge” stuck along with thousands of others. You are literally 30 miles (or more) from home. Your mind begins to run wild on you…