Gathering together a Sewing Kit.

Gathering together a Sewing Kit.: "

One of the prep's that I have been putting off for quite some time now has been a Sewing Kit. I will be the first to tell you that I am not an expert when it comes to sewing. After my many years of military service I have had to do more that my share of my own sewing along the way. All those unit patches and buttons to sew back on. I have been putting a lot of thought into this prep. If our economy does finally tank out, being able to fix your own clothes and equipment is going to be vital.

As a child I would sit and watch my mother sewing clothes and hemming pants and all the basic fix-me-ups to our clothing. I know how to run a sewing machine, and pretty well I might add. I have been looking for a manually operated sewing machine and not having much luck. I am sure I will eventually find one, I just need to keep looking. Having a basic sewing kit(not a sewing machine,Guys) is a vital part of any bug-out-bag, or just having a kit for hand sewing things at home.

I have been gathering things to make my own. I believe that one kits does not fit all peoples needs. I always put my own together because my needs are going to be different than those of someone else. One key item I have yet to pick up is a good heavy duty sewing awl. Sewing awl,s are used for stitching up heavy duty items like rucksacks and shoes, boots, leather gloves and so on. They usually come with a needle and very heavy duty nylon thread. Having one of these is very important for fixing equipment.

Some of the things I have put into my sewing kit are, needles in many different lengths and gauges, thread in different colors and thicknesses, a good metal thimble or two, straight pins, a very good sharp pair of scissors, and a cloth measuring tape. I went and got a clear waterproof case at my local sporting goods store to keep everything dry and in one place. The sewing awl and an extra spool of heavy duty thread will be put into a small stuff sack along with a spool of Kevlar thread. Kevlar thread is just about unbreakable and can fix things like tents and jackets and heavy duty heavy use items of clothing. Kevlar thread is also a great think to have in your survival kit too.

Remember when SHTF that you wont be able to go down to the nearest tailor and have your pants fixed. You will have to do it your self. So get going on the sewing kit and if you have no idea how to even thread a needle there are allot of great videos on You-tube that can get you started.



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