Aspirin from Trees

Aspirin from Trees

ASPIRIN from Poplar/Aspen
Poplars contain a compound known as salicin in their inner bark. The marketed artificial substance many of you are familiar with is acetylsalicylic acid, or more commonly Aspirin.
You can chew on the cambium layer and swallow the juices. A second method of ingestion would be to mix about 2 table spoons of the inner bark (cambium layer) into hot water to steep for about 10 minutes and then drink it. It’s kinda’ bitter tasting but either method works. I do not believe any of the external bark is capable of harming you, and most assuredly with Aspen/poplar. Again, prove me right or prove me wrong.

Populus tremuloides: Quaking, Trembling or American Aspen (northern & western North America)
Populus grandidentata: Bigtooth Aspen (eastern North America, south of P. tremuloides)
white willow/European willow ( Salix alba )
black willow/pussy willow ( Salix nigra )
crack willow ( Salix fragilis )
purple willow ( Salix purpurea )
weeping willow ( Salix babylonica )

You wanna’ use the inner bark or cambium layer for you botany buffs. spring and summer seem to be the easiest time to get at it since it’s more moist and slippery. When it gets colder it’s not so slick and will probably need to scrape off the bark with your knife.
Steep 2 table spoons in a cup of water approx. 10 minutes. 3 or 4 cups of this tea is apparently the max to take.


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