7 Best Survival Movies of All Time

7 Best Survival Movies of All Time: "

With award season in full swing, we’ve got movies on our mind. Following the hype and success that came along with 127 Hours, we’ve decided to reminisce about other popular Man vs. Wild movies. The kind that feature tough heroes who go against the odds when fighting for survival in the fierce outdoors.

Plane crashes seem to be a prevailing theme throughout our top selections. And how else would someone end up secluded and unprepared to face the wrath of Mother Nature?

In any case, we envy the sheer strength and bravery these fine fellows display. While this selection isn’t the best for in-flight movies, they are perfect for fans of action-packed survival stories. See which ones made the cut.

Man in the Wilderness (1971) - Set in the 1800s, a guide for fur trappers and Indian traders is left behind to die after suffering a bear attack. Does he survive? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Into the Wild (2007) - Much like 127 Hours, this film was inspired by a true story and follows a recent Emory University graduate who leaves behind all of his possessions to travel to Alaska and experience the bitter wild. Sure sounds a lot more exciting than an entry-level desk job.

Alive (1993) – This classic is based on a true story of an Uruguayan rugby team. The group is able to survive being stranded in the treturous Andes for 70 days following a plane crash.

Cast Away (2000) - Tom Hanks stars in this dramatic story of a FedEx exec who survives a violent plane crash and four years stranded alone on a desert island. He makes it through the days by talking to a plastic volleyball named Wilson. Let’s just say he only went half insane.

A Cry in the Wild (1990) – Based on the bestseller, The Hatchet, this flick features a teenager forced to confront the wilderness with nothing but a hatchet following a sudden plane crash. Uh, good luck with that.

The Edge (1997) – Two rivals trapped in the wilderness after a plane crash (what else?!) must join forces in a combined effort to survive the challenges that come their way. Will they become best friends forever? Either watch the movie or read the spoiler-filled summary on Wikipedia.

Six Days, Seven Nights (1998) - Harrison Ford and Anne Heche survive a traumatic ship wreck? A an alien spacecraft collision? … no wait, that’s not right. Oh yes, it was a plane crash that brought them to a remote island. Eventually they find gag-inducing romance during their struggle to get back to civilization.

What’s your favorite survival movie of all time?


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