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First look at the new Ray Mears Bushcraft Knife

First look at the new Ray Mears Bushcraft Knife: The very first photo has been released today of the brand new Ray Mears Bushcraft Knife. Stephen Wade Cox has been working extra hard this week to bring us our first delivery of the new oak-handled knives this morning; for the full-size photo, head over to the Woodlore Facebook page:
A special delivery of the new oak-handled Ray Mears Bushcraft Knife
This first batch of knives will go on sale on Tuesday 4 October; to receive an automated e-mail as soon as they are available to buy, please click here, and then select ‘Notify Me’.

First Aid Without The Kit, Part 1

Interesting article that i found in First Aid Without The Kit, Part 1:
A guest post by Chris

[This is an entry in our non-fiction writing contest where you could win - First Prize a 10 Person Deluxe Family Survival Kit, Second Prize an Herb Seed Bank or Third Prize a copy of Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat. For complete rules and list of prizes see this post.]

As someone who has been an EMT-Paramedic for many years, I’m fortunate enough to have had the pleasure of receiving the training and providing emergency medical care in the pre-hospital setting. Over the years, I’ve learned some tricks and trades and was even part of some cutting-edge new techniques in the field of CPR, now called CCR.

However, I’ve always had access to an ambulance or well stocked emergency vehicle that had all the necessary supplies. For preppers, access to an ambulance vehicle is most likely out of the question and many are trying to buy things they think they need. Some prepp…

Some thoghts about old days Finnish woodsmen gear.

Great article by Some thoghts about old days Finnish woodsmen gear.: Once again i rant about gear. SORRY .

i found a few older pics, dating from early fifties to late seventies, with relatives and unknown friends of theirs, hunting and hiking, working in the woods and fishing by the lakes and such, al sorts of free time outdoors stuff. And i got to think of my grandfaters, both of them. They are like heroes and idols to me in many ways but as outdoorsmen the most.

To make my thought more clear, i gathered some gear from my closet, that is similar, as close as i could get, to the items i see in the pics. And gear that i remember as worn and used by my grandfathers and their village & summer cottage friends while outdooring.

Heres the pick i took, showing the stuff i see the most in the old family albums and what i remember from the time i was a kid. So this isnt about heroic adventurers from early 1900s, no no, its from later days, not so long ago…

Top 10 Bug Out Tips

Good article from Top 10 Bug Out Tips: "Although most long-time readers of Bug Out Survival know the basics of bug-out preparations and why they may be necessary, I thought it might be useful to post this basic top ten tips list from the final chapter in Getting Out Alive: 13 Deadly Scenarios and How Others Survived. As many of you who have read my newest book know, Getting Out Alive is not targeted at the hard-core prepper/survivalist reader, but Chapter 13, Urban Breakdown, paints a description of a situation in a city where leaving may be the only safe option. The top ten tips for preparing to bug out and actually going through with it are a good introduction to the subject that you may want to share with friends or family, and can also be good reminders even to those who are prepared. As this photo of a hurricane evacuation shows, chaos can reign supreme when things go wrong in a big city. A real SHTF scenario would make this look like Friday…

Small selection of knots used in Bushcraft


New Ray Mears Bushcraft Knife to be unveiled soon

New Ray Mears Bushcraft Knife to be unveiled soon:
For those who missed our earlier blog post on the subject, production of the Ray Mears Bushcraft Knife - with its handle of reclaimed Iroko wood - has now come to an end. The final batch of these knives went on sale at midday on the 1st of September, and was completely sold out by 16:30 p.m.

However, as promised, Woodlore will soon be unveiling a new version of this knife, featuring an alternative handle material. This model will be released for sale for the first time on Tuesday 4th October.

In the build-up to its release, Woodlore will be offering a series of clues on our Facebook and Twitter pages, to help you figure out which material we have chosen for the knife’s handle. The first of these clues will be released at midday today, so keep your eyes peeled!

Source: Woodlore Blog

EcoZoom stoves

Hello all,

while i was reading an article on the web i discovered this  interesting stoves made by the company EcoZoom.

They have at least two products that are suteble for outdoor and camping use especially in base camps and in place where in prohibit no make ground fires.

EcoZoom Dura

1º Buscraft course in Portugal

[PT]Olá a todos.
Este fim de semana tive a oportunidade de estar presente no primeiro curso de buscraft alguma vez realizado em Portugal, criado pela  Escola do Mato em associação a Associação Portuguesa de Bushcraft e Técnicas de Sobrevivência, recentemente criada para juntar e desenvolver as actividade e praticamente de bushcraft em Portugal.

Infelizmente apenas consegui estar presente no sábado, aonde foram coberto tema como equipamentos básicos para a prática de buscraft, abrigos e preparação de caça. Foi uma sábado muito bem passado com em óptima companhia e num local muito agradável.

Este curso serviu igualmente para final conhecer  alguns dos utilizadores do forum da Associações.

O meu obrigado ao Pedro Alves da Escola do Mato pela dedicação e pioneirismo na criação deste curso.

[EN]Hello everyone.
This weekendI had theopportunity to attendthefirstcoursebuscraftever held inPortugal,createdby the Escola do Matoin association withthe Associação Portuguesa de Bushcraft e Técnica…

Fat Wood or Maya Sticks - Tinder for Fire Lighting


Traditional Swedish Woodworking: Clogs, Spoons and Chairs


Sibi Totique: The Free Online Survival Guide

Great article from Sibi Totique: The Free Online Survival Guide:
The Free Online Survival Guide So after writing articles here on the blog and at The Survivalist Boards for over one year I have completed a number of different articles on various subjects related to survival. This is the first basic structure of TheFree Online Survival Guide. I will keep working on it, adding more information and new articles. It’s my intention to provide a free resource for anyone hows interested in the field of survival, crisis preparedness and survivalism.

I would like to thank all members of The Survivalist Boards for their advice and the insights that they have brought to different subject. I have enjoyed writing the articles and hope that some people will find them useful. I’m hoping that we will eventually get a Survival Wiki on the boards so that we can start writing articles and guides together in a more structured and organized way, I really believ…

The Axe Manual of Peter McLaren

The Axe Manual of Peter McLaren: "In the early 20th century, Peter McLaren could chop through a piece of wood with an axe faster than any other man. He broke numerous records and became very well known. He stated that he only used Plumb axes, which of course was the greatest imaginable advertisement for Plumb. They forged a special head with McLaren’s image on it, and encouraged him to write this axe manual, which they published in the 1930s.

The manual is a short booklet on axe care and use. It is very well illustrated and provides great information in a very compact and direct way. As far as I know the book is in the public domain, and a copy can be found here (PDF), here and a number of other places online.

Practice Map and Compass skills with Cardinal Points' Free Desktop App

Great tutorial about Practice Map and Compass skills with Cardinal Points' Free Desktop App by "Learning how to use a map and compass is an invaluable skill. Sometimes different compass techniques can be confusing and easy to mix up in your head. For instance when taking a magnetic barring do you line the orienting arrow with the magnetic needle or with the grid lines on the map? When trying to follow a bearing in fog do you align the orienting arrow with the grid lines or is it the magnetic needle. In both cases it is the the former. Knowing the difference in the backcountry can be very important.

Instead of trying to memorize the difference and risk getting them confused in your head you should practice map and compass techniques until they become second nature. This is were comes in handy.

Screen shot from Cardinal Points Compass Training Program