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How to Choose the Perfect Survival Knife

Great article by the How to Choose the Perfect Survival Knife:

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Creek Stewart of Willow Haven Outdoor.

I don’t remember my first kiss or even who it was with. I can barely recollect getting my license to drive. I vaguely remember my high school graduation and my entire time spent at college is a blur. However, I remember exactly where I was, what I was wearing, and how I felt when I got my first survival knife over 20 years ago. Just thinking about it brings back some of my fondest childhood memories. It was the RAMBO knife with the hollow handle that housed a little fishing kit along with a few other miscellaneous items. My love affair with knives began at a young age, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Movies seem to always have the coolest survival knives, but does the survival knife really have a place in the “real world?”

That was a rhetorical question. Yes, it most certainly does.

Arktis Launches New Site

Arktis Launches New Site:
If you’re an Arktis fan, you may have noticed their absence from the web for some time. But, now they’re back with an all new website. UK-based Arktis was started in the mid-80s by a Royal Marine veteran of the Falkland Campaign. Since then, they’ve led the development of specialized military fabrics, clothing and equipment across Europe. They’ve even made some penetration into the American market. Welcome back to the web!

UK –

France –

Netherlands –


Pocket size espresso machine

For those like me, that cannot pass with out an espresso this is the perfect solution

Pocket size espresso machine with integrated alcohol stove.

I have got to make on of this!!!!!!!


Wax stove

Some time ago i read in an article (i cannot remember where) about some littles stoves using wax and sawdust, instead of the "traditional" wax and cardboard version.

It made my curious. I made a plan in my mind, a simple stove using a shoe grease box. It toked my some time until i got every ingredient. A old and used out grease box, some saw dust collected from an old sawmill and a wax candle.

To make it very simple, you melt 2 parts of saw dust and 1 part wax in an pan over boiling water (don't make it directly over the fire because there is the risk of the wax over heat and caught on fire). Let it be over the boiling water for some time to the saw dust soak the wax. To Finnish just compact everything in the box and you are ready.

Being  a regular user of an alcohol stove  i was curios how this stove would perform, so i prepared a quick test. 0,5L of water in my Trangia. All test were made in my kitchen i a "controlled" environment. 

To this test i used the…

KA-BAR Knives - New Website!

KA-BAR Knives - New Website!:

KA-BAR Knives

For Immediate Release

November 2011


Who makes military Meals Ready-to-Eat?

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

A Murmuration

Imagem - Survival-Tube

Today i came across with site site. It is a extensive collection  of videos and articles about survival.

Watch Exclusive Bonus Video Content from Wild Britain with Ray Mears

Watch Exclusive Bonus Video Content from Wild Britain with Ray Mears
If you’ve been enjoying Ray’s current ITV series, Wild Britain with Ray Mears, you can now watch exclusive bonus video content on the ITV Wild website, via the link below:

Rant of the day.

Great reflexion by Rant of the day.: "OK Im going to have a little rant today,I don't normally rant on my blog but I want to bring up a couple of issues concerning the term bushcraft and the issues some folks have with the term bushcraft.

Now you have all heard people say that they are outdoors-men-woman and that they had never heard the term bushcraft before yet it seems they where practicing it without even knowing it.Well Im one of those people.

Now it seems some folks have a real issue with the term bushcraft and are quite pedantic about this,those people seem to be mainly re-enactors.

Now I have nothing against re-enactors and if they want to run around the woods with musket in hand dressed like they just walked out of the 18th century that is fine with me,In fact its more than fine as i really enjoy watching these re-enactments.

An introduction to the axe

Good article from An introduction to the axe: "The internet is both a goldmine and a minefield. On one hand you can dig out nuggets of truth and helpfulness, and with the other find only nuggets of the brown, soft variety. This is especially the case when it comes to axes, hatchets and all things relating to their use and modification.

For some time now I have posted on various forums regarding purchasing, modifying, sharpening, using and maintaining axes. My opinion and views have been developed over years of using axes and working on them. For this reason, I find it amusing that there are experts cropping up everywhere who's favourite tool is a shiny new Gransfors Bruks axe, that has seen more time in front of a camera than out in the woods. For the most part, the knowledgable folks I know prefer old, beat up looking axes that they have grown to love over years of use. This is what I look for when searching for an authority on the subject…

Spoon, an animation.wmv


Finland 30´s

A must see Video about the way of life in Finland and the 30's

My last leather works

Hello all,

Here are my last leather works

Sheath for folder saw

More images ...

Sheath for Crowning knife

More imagens ...

Glock holster

More images ...

How to Make Your Own Herbal Teas

How to Make Your Own Herbal Teas: "
Making your own herbal teas is very easy, exciting, and rewarding. You may choose to grow your own herbs or you may buy them. Herbs cans be very beneficial to your health but before taking herbs in any way, you should do some research on them and talk to your doctor. When you get the okay, you can make a number of different herbal teas–each with its own special tastes and benefit.

It All Starts With The Tinder Bundle

Great article about tinder by It All Starts With The Tinder Bundle:
99% of the work for a successful survival fire is done before a single spark is cast. Whether using a modern ignition tool or primitive methods, the most critical moments of the fire building process are the first 60 seconds of flame. 9 times out of 10, the quality of your tinder bundle will dictate your results. Preparation is everything. How well you prepare your fire building materials in advance will determine your rate of success – plain and simple.