Wax stove

Some time ago i read in an article (i cannot remember where) about some littles stoves using wax and sawdust, instead of the "traditional" wax and cardboard version.

It made my curious. I made a plan in my mind, a simple stove using a shoe grease box. It toked my some time until i got every ingredient. A old and used out grease box, some saw dust collected from an old sawmill and a wax candle.

To make it very simple, you melt 2 parts of saw dust and 1 part wax in an pan over boiling water (don't make it directly over the fire because there is the risk of the wax over heat and caught on fire). Let it be over the boiling water for some time to the saw dust soak the wax. To Finnish just compact everything in the box and you are ready.

Being  a regular user of an alcohol stove  i was curios how this stove would perform, so i prepared a quick test. 0,5L of water in my Trangia. All test were made in my kitchen i a "controlled" environment. 

To this test i used the wax stove, a supercat version and my favorite a Low Pressure SideBurner Alcohol Stoves from a Coca Cola can.

The wax stove

Time: 6:08 min (i need not pre-heat)
To light a match and  or twig and place it over it, in a few second it will start to spread the flame to all the surface of the stove

I confess, I was surprised by the power of this stove for something so light and compact and requires no fuel bottle etc. For my it make it ideal for a BOB and long term storage because it does not degrade  or evaporate like the alcohol
In the down site (or not ..), this model is that leaving a very thick black soot all around the pot and takes a lot of time until it could down after being extinguished.
In terms of durability, i already used it 3 times and it seems that fuel for a lot more.
Note:  With out any experience with this kind of stove i made a construction error. I feel it up and over the the edge of the can (it visible in the first image of the stove above). When in use, there are a good amount of wax that is lost because it pours from the sides of the can. that translate if the lost of fire capability.

Super CAT stove (Low Pressure SideBurner)
Time: 8:06 min (including 1:10 of pre-heating)
CocaCola (Low Pressure SideBurner)

 Time: 7:31 min (including 1:07  of pre-heating)

In conclusion, like i said i was surprised with the time of the wax stove. I am planning to do some big ones to store and used them is case of an emergencies. For backpacking and trekking i will still use my cocacola stove because is much cleaner and it cool very quick.

What do you thing?




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