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Guest Post: Fire-Cattail and Waxed Jute, by American Grouch

In: Guest Post: Fire-Cattail and Waxed Jute, by American Grouch: "Today’s post is written by a fellow blogger and member of Bushcraft USA. This man is the real deal. His posts on winter camping are certainly something that you should not miss. Most of his writings can be found on his blog: American Grouch. Be sure to check it out. It will be well worth your time.
I've seen this method before, wanted to show how I do it and a slight twist to the usual recommendation. I'm sure there are other and perhaps better methods, this has worked for me for a while now.
You'll need some simple ingredients to get started.
1. Paraffin wax
2. Jute twine (I use the small stuff but many suggest the bigger twine)
3. Pot to melt the wax in
4. Knife
5. Fire
Word of caution, once melted the wax is quite flammable, your wife, if you use one of her pots, is also flammable. (Hard to impossible to get the wax out)

If you use a camp fire, use caution as the heat …

RayMears Extreme Survivals

High Adventure Facts and Myths

By High Adventure Facts and Myths: "

Conversations of high adventure trips usually center on the B.S.A’s popular and heavily promoted big three – Philmont, Seabase and Northern Tier. Council high adventure programs usua;;y focus on putting crews together for trips to these three destinations but there are hundreds (if not thousands) of other places for Scouts to experience a high adventure trip. With a little ingenuity, planning and vision every Scout can participate in a high adventure trip.
I want to challenge you to stretch your understanding of the High Adventure idea, to go beyond your comfort zone and make it happen for your Scouts.

High Adventure trips must happen at a high adventure base or as part of an ‘offical’ program
High adventure can happen anywhere! State and National Parks offer great places for hiking, backpacking, climbing, canoeing, and kayaking. You don’t have to travel far or go to exotic locations; that’s another myth …

RayMears Extreme Survivals1e

Convex sharpening: field sharping and scary sharp edges


The land is ...

What OTC products should I stock up on?

Great article from Ask The Outback Doc: What OTC products should I stock up on?:

Visit The Outback Doc’s website, Outback Medicine. Look for more, “Ask The Outback Doc” columns here on The Survival Mom.

Stocking up on plenty of over-the-counter (OTC) medications and supplies is a very important part of preparedness. The availability of medical supplies will certainly affect how and what you are able to do for your patient, like this fact or not! Another consideration is that each treatment category and problem requires many specific and different things to have on hand, from tongue depressors to otoscopes to blood pressure cuffs to whatever, many different medications included. Fact is, the list of things we have to have on hand and in supply to treat patients is enormous!

You should definitely get as much as YOU can get in this category and afford today. Always stock up on:

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Deer Camp by

Very interesting video about an experience that the guys at  made with a group of people what had do survive with only they knife and a "cache" of supplies ...

Ray Mears - Boreal Forest Walkabout , Canada - Northern Wilderness

Great article from a member of the Knol plaform
How to Make A Spoon Carving Knife Make a blade, a handle (scales) and get to work making useful things for the kitchen

We have generally lost so many very basic skills and making a simple knife to work wood is beyond the technological capacity of most people in the western world. Sad, but too true. And yet it is fun, it offers a sense of tactile satisfaction. The use of this knife is therapeutic, leading to feelings of accomplishment. And knives are tools. Sadly, most have come to regard knives as weapons, forgetting the simple pleasure that can arise from whittling on a stick or making something useful for the kitchen.

escola do mato - Regra dos 3


Firesteel and Multitool pocket

This weekend work. A firesteel/multitool pocket for my Mora2000 Sheath

Making Spoons Out Of Wood Chops With An Axe - FATACIL 2008

Incredible demonstration of how to carve a spoon using only an Axe by a Portuguese craftsmen

9 Unusual Uses for Aspirin


Wilderness Survival Tips : How to Make a Compass


Monte Campo - Sortelha

[EN]Since afew monthsi startedlooking fora new backpack toreplacemy 20LBackpackMollewho walkedwith mefor over3 years, not because it needsreplacingbut becausei started to feelaneed for a lighterbackpackand more a little more capacity, allowing me touse not onlyfor a one day journey but also for a sleep over. Althoughdemandisfor alightweight backpack i would not want togive upresistance anddurability of the materials. 
The production country was also a matter,since the endof 2011 i decided any  new material would  only be  "made in Portugal" when ever it possible.

After someresearch, it waseasy to choosethebrand Monte Campo, a brand that as a great tradition in Portugal (every kid from my generation had one in school)and currentlyhasavery interestingcatalogwith products ofgreat quality, which I thinkare notbehindalot ofinternational brandsbut at a fractionof theprice.
Alsotake this opportunity toleaveawordhereabouttheprofessionalism and speedof thepersonnel who managethe orders…

How to make a ladle/spoon from a forked branch


Kit de 1 Dia / 1 Day Kit


Sheath for Mora 2000

My latest work in leather. sheath for a mora 2000

Wordwoork Video

Ceramic Forge

Great DIY found on Ceramic Forge: This is a small forge I slapped together using elements from several designs I have seen on this website. I used a chimney flue and some firebrick I had lying around. I have never done anything like this before but I decided to give it a whirl. I had all the supplies lying around, but you should be ...
By: jadronx

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