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Great reflexion by http://sticksblog-sticks.blogspot.com Rant of the day.: "OK Im going to have a little rant today,I don't normally rant on my blog but I want to bring up a couple of issues concerning the term bushcraft and the issues some folks have with the term bushcraft.

Now you have all heard people say that they are outdoors-men-woman and that they had never heard the term bushcraft before yet it seems they where practicing it without even knowing it.Well Im one of those people.

Now it seems some folks have a real issue with the term bushcraft and are quite pedantic about this,those people seem to be mainly re-enactors.

Now I have nothing against re-enactors and if they want to run around the woods with musket in hand dressed like they just walked out of the 18th century that is fine with me,In fact its more than fine as i really enjoy watching these re-enactments.

My problem is this,why have a problem with the term bushcraft.

Ive heard folks say its just Woodslore,woodcraft,fieldcraft,campcraft.

So let me be pedantic for a few moments here.

Woods-lore-speaks of knowledge of the woods and the ways of the woods

Woodcraft-speaks of crafting things from wood or again knowledge of the woods.

Field-craft-well this is more of a military term for survival skills.

Camp-craft-speaks of being knowledgeable on setting up a camp,doesn,t really say much more than that really as your camp could be in the woods,mountains,fields or by the river.

Now I camp in the woods [campcraft] forege in the fields [fieldcraft]Carve wood from the woods and build shelters from wood [woodcraft]

Bushcraft is all the above and more,my favourite environment is Alpine woods so does this make me an Alpinewoodsmountainmanwoodcrafter,see where im going with this.

So bushcraft is a simple term for a wide range of knowledge and a term I use to describe what I do,now if you don't like the term then don't use it but get off of your high horses and stop bitching about it for pity sake as its getting boring and makes you all sound like elitist twits.

Rant number 2.
So now we move on to fire lighting and the correct or incorrect way of doing it depending on your perspective.

Now Im a member of a few websites that are Bushcraft/survival related and I have come across the argument that why should i start a fire with a bowdrill when i carry a lighter or matches?.

Fair point but my answer to this is when your matches or gas runs out what then?Learning and practicing the bowdrill or flint and steel for that matter is just good practice and I personally think you should learn as many fire lighting skills as you can,remember a ferro rod is just a modern take on the flint and steel.

My next point is the ''correct'' method of starting a fire.

I was watching a youtube video the other day and the guy in the video said that taking charcloth to the woods is not how its done,you should learn how to char natural materials,the leaning to char natural materials is a fair point but we come back to the guy is a re-enactor so it may not be correct to his period of re-enactment but Bushcraft is not re-enactment.

Bushcraft uses modern and the old ways,so how is it not correct?

Now I carry charcloth as it gives me a head start but if I run out I have a very simple solution and that is if I do let my fire go out then all I have to do is strike the sparks onto the charcoal that is in the fire pit and blow it back to life,If I break camp and move on then I just put some of the charcaol in my tinderbox so have no need to char a plant for tinder as I already have it in the form of said charcoal.

So is there a correct method of fire lighting and is one method more valid than another? My answer is a big NO,whatever works for you is fine but it is important to learn other methods as this could one day save your life.

Remeber use what works for you and if it does work then it is more than valid.

Happy fire making.



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