Riverwalker's Gear - Gerber Compact Sport Multi-Tool

Riverwalker's Gear - Gerber Compact Sport Multi-Tool: "

For well over a decade now, Gerber has managed to create some of the best multi-function tools made today. They are making them stronger and more versatile than ever before. Gerber offers a wide range of multi-tools for almost any purpose.


Standard Needlenose Pliers

Wire cutter

Needlenose pliers


Drop point knife blade

Can opener

Crosshead screwdriver (Philips head)

Large flathead screwdriver

Medium flathead screwdriver/ Bottle opener

Small flathead screwdriver


Nylon sheath

One of the best features of this multi-tool is the locking mechanism for the accessories. All components lock open with Gerber’s patented SAF-T PLUS locking system. This is probably one of the safest, strongest and most durable locking systems available on a multi-tool. This allows you to use the accessories without having to worry about suffering an unintended injury.

In addition, the file on this multi-tool is large and durable enough to do the job for which it was intended.

A multi-tool is about the closest thing to a tool box that can be carried in your hand and can help you get the job done when your survival is on the line.

Staying above the water line!




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