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Riverwalker’s Top Ten Survival Tools

Riverwalker’s Top Ten Survival Tools: "
1 1 1. A sharp mind. Your best survival tool is your brain.
2. An even sharper blade. It’s also a good idea to have a back-up blade.
3. A signaling device for communication. This could be as simple as a mirror or whistle or as advanced as a cell phone. Remember that communication is both sight and sound.
4. A first aid kit - Even a very basic first aid kit will be essential and will prevent minor injuries from becoming major problems.
5. A container and a means of water purification and filtration - Water is critical for your survival and you will need a way to purify and filter your water.
6. A fire starting kit - This could include matches, a lighter, or a good firesteel.
7. An accurate map and compass - If you get lost, these items will be a real lifesaver.
8. A form of shelter - A tarp, tent, plastic sheeting, emergency blanket etc.
9. A good rope and cordage - A stout rope capable of handling large loads and cordage for handling light duty tasks.
10. A light source - A flashlight, a candle or a lantern of some type will enable you to conduct any necessary or required activities that may be hampered by darkness.
Staying above the water line!

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