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I have been working like crazy to respond to all the orders, in great part iphone sleeves and similar, wallets and small stuff

Leuku: Part One

Great article from Part One:
The leuku is a traditional knife of the Sami culture of Lappland, it is also called “stuorra niibi” which means big knife. I will be making two posts about the leuku, the first one with a brief description, some photos and an account of his experience with the leuku by Thomas (edgepal)  from Northern Sweden. The second post is an excellent essay written by Pasi Hurtilla, a puukkoseppä from Ivalo, Finland.
In my correspondence with Federico Buldrini he states “It’s believed that leukus were developed by Sami people, starting from the Viking seaxes and väkipuukkos (in Finland). These knives, together with steel working techniques, arrived in Scandinavian and Baltic peninsula after the Migration Period, 400-700 A.D.” and the leuku has evolved to suit their needs, from chopping down small trees, clearing brush and splitting firewood to butchering and preparing reindeer.
The leuku has a wide blade about 8 or 9 inches …

Traditional Turning