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Source: Wetterlings and Survivorman Les Stroud have been working on an exiting project this spring - we are making an axe together! It is a winning combination indeed and we are both very happy about how the axe has come out. This is Les's thoughts about the project: "The legendary reputation of Swedish axes has never been lost on me. I have used them through all of my adventures and travels in the wilderness. So when Wetterlings approached me to design a beautiful, handmade wooden axe with them, I jumped at the chance. It's an opportunity to create my own legacy by joining an already existing great legacy. It has been easy fit to design an ax as per my own desires of craftsmanship, aesthetics and functionality with such a legendary, high quality company as Wetterlings. ” Les Stroud Wetterlings are excited about the cooperation and very impressed about Les's wildlife experience and skills. Anyone who have watched his show on Discovery Channel ha…

The Bushman Axe by Les Stroud

This is an update on the last news of the collaboration of Les Stroud and Wetterling by Ross of  http://woodtrekker.blogspot.ptThe Bushman Axe by Les Stroud:
Next month, Wetterlings will be introducing a new model axe, designed in collaboration with Survivorman, Les Stroud.

The axe will be available for sale sometime in November, according to Wetterlings.
Judging from the picture, it is an interesting design. The poll appears to have been reduced in size, and possibly rounded like we see on the GB Hunter’s Axe. This was possibly done to aid in skinning tasks. I am not sure how that will effect the balance of the axe. The smaller poll will also likely make tasks like pounding in stakes a bit harder.
I like that they have used a less finished handle design. I am not sure if this will be the same as the final product, but if so, it will go a long way towards demonstrating that axes are not much harder to hang in the woods than a hawk. It will however most likely be replaced by a more…

Tarpology - Setting up your Tarp in different configurations


Wetterlings and Les Stroud

Some minutes a go  Wetterlings Swedish Axe Works published on they facebook page this breaking news: Wetterlings Swedish Axe Works and the wildlife guru Survivorman Les Stroud are making an axe together! Photo comming up soon.
The pictures shows Les Stroud with some of Wetterlings products

Top Ten Blogs

Eu sigo diariamente centenas de blogs e sites de um vasto leque de temáticas que vão do bushcraft, DIY, caminhadas e equipamentos, equipamento militar até  trabalho em madeira e muitos outro tema

Esta são alguns dos melhores ...
I follow hundreds of blogs and sites from a wide range of themes, from bushcraft,DIY, hiking and backpacking, military gear, woodworking and many other thematic´s

This are for my some of the best ...

Super Duper Ultralight Windscreen

Great article by Super Duper Ultralight Windscreen: "Super! Duper! Foldable! Crinkly!

Aluminum (a.k.a. 'aluminium' foil.)

Hexa Pot™: Indoor/Outdoor Disposable Paper Cooking Pot


Hexa Pot™ is an eco-conscious disposable paper cooking pot for indoor/outdoor use.  It is designed to be convenient, light-weight, easy to dispose of when you're on picnics, camping, backpacking, on the go, or traveling.  One of many reasons for using a Hexa Pot™ instead of using traditional pots is to save time. Instead of having to wash the pots, you can toss them in the recycle bin trash. Time you would spend scraping, rinsing, washing and putting them away can be used for other things instead.  The Hexa Pot™ is formed in a hexagon shaped design for a stabilized base and is made from a special non-toxic waterproofing multi-ply paper material to prevent liquid from leaking out or soaking through the paper. The Hexa Pot™ can be easily stowed away into a backpack as a result of its resourceful space-saving collapsible design.  When ready to use, just easily unfold and expand to …

Across Canada With Lars Monsen - Complete Documentary


Stocking Emergency Food

Great text from http://bushcraftwife.blogspot.ptStocking Emergency Food:
I know I don’t have to remind you that the world is becoming a place where self-reliance is the way to go. In my opinion the only person that you can truly depend on to take care of you - is you. It wasn’t that long ago that homesteaders, bushcrafters and preppers were thought of as a wee bit crazy. They were extremists. They were conspiracy theorists. They were living in little creepy cabins in the woods to get away from ‘the man.’ Now they are sought after for their knowledge on self-reliance. They are looked to as an example of how to better take care of yourself and your family when times are tough. An easy way to help you gain a little more self-reliance is to store some food for emergency situations.


Article By http://bushcraftwife.blogspot.ptAcronyms: "
BOB - Bug Out BagBIB - Bug In BagEDC - Every Day CarryGHB or GMHB - Get Home Bag or Get Me Home BagFAK - First Aid KitGOOD - Get Out Of Dodge bagINCH - I'm Not Coming Home bagPSK - Personal Survival Kit


The PowerPot is an amazing new 5W generator that can charge any of your USB devices. It's a waterproof, fire-resistant, and built-to-last portable generator. It is also lightweight at less than a pound!

Rota Vicentina - 340KM

O meu próximo grande projecto ...

My  next big project ...

Outdoor Living Skills: Summer Camp Guide

Summer Camp Guide: Outdoor Living Skills (OLS) is offered at many summer camps across the United States. During my time working for a children's overnight camp I can tell you this is a VERY popular activity!

 Instructables is a wonderful place to get ideas for camp projects, this guide will help you collect andthe wonderful information that users have made to help make your OLS program a fun success!!

Boil Water With A Stick

Interesting accessory. By http://www.thegearcaster.comBoil Water With A Stick:
For those of you hikers that may only use backcountry stoves to boil water for coffee or dehydrated meals, Danish company Heatgear may offer a lighter solution than most fuel stoves for carrying in your pack. Originally built for military use, the Heatstick immerses directly into your water bottle to rapidly heat water for meals or drinking.  

Ultimate survival manual!!!!


Rota Vicentina - 340 KM

Vai ser apresentado ao publico dia 11 de maio, amanha, o percurso de grande rota que irá ligar Santiago do Cacem ao cabo de São Vicente. "A Rota Vicentina é uma grande rota pedestre no Sw de Portugal, entre a cidade de Santiago do Cacém e o Cabo de S. Vicente, totalizando mais de 340 km para percorrer a pé, ao longo de uma das mais belas e bem preservadas zonas costeiras do sul da Europa."
Constituído por dois percursos "caminho histórico" e "trilho dos pecadores", sendo o primeiro feito maioritariamente pelo interior e o segundo feito pelas arribas litorais.

Sem duvida um grande passo para que Portugal entre definitivamente para o grupo de países de destino para amantes do tracking e natureza.

Sem duvida destino de uma próxima aventura :)

Deixo aqui algumas todos imagens de ambos os trilhos para aguçar a curiosidade

Caminho histórico

Trilho dos pes…

The Sword Maker

A Beginner’s Guide to Basic Axe Care and Maintenance

Great text from http://woodtrekker.blogspot.ptA Beginner’s Guide to Basic Axe Care and Maintenance: "Over the past few months I have written a good amount about doing work and restoration projects on axes. I will have a guest post on the subject this Friday as well. In this post however, I want to touch on a few things that the average person can do to simply maintain the axe they already have. I will assume that you have bought a good axe, and will focus on how to keep it in good shape.

In that context, there are three things to consider. The first is protecting the axe from the elements, the second is cleaning the axe, and the third is the all important sharpening of the axe.

Working with Natural Dyes