A gem of an old wood craft film.

Great film share by Robin wood http://greenwood-carving.blogspot.com/A gem of an old wood craft film.: This is an absolute gem. Sent to me by blog Reader Tim Marshall, recorded in 1984 two "bushmen" Bill Boyd and Mark Garner fell a tree, split "slabs" off it and hew them to make house timbers. I have worked with some seriously talented hewers in Japan, Germany and the best from the UK, when I watched the first few seconds of this film with these two chaps sat on the porch sharpening their axes I thought it all looked a bit hammed up for the cameras but just stick with it, they are as skilled and effortless as anyone I have ever seen with an axe.

It was uploaded a year ago and has had only 500 views it deserves to be much better known, lets share it and celebrate the skills of these wonderful folk.

Just for comparison I'll post a couple of vids I made in 2005 of German and Japanese style hewing


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