Knots for bushcraft [Bushcraft Academy By APBS]

There are thousand of knot for all sort of uses and application, but in reality there is no need to force your self in knowing all of them.
The basic knowledge of knot should include one knot for this types
    • Bends: one for bending ropes with the same size (my selection: square knot) and one for different sizes (my selection: sheet bend quick release)
    • Hitches (my selection: Siberian hitch)
    • Loop (My selection: bowline 
    • Adjustable knot (my selection: Tautline Hitch)

      Whenever is possible i prefer the used of quick release knot, they will help allot when you need to dismount camp especially with the knot that are subject to allot of force. Many of the knot used haver some kind of variation or alternative that can be used.

      This Bushcraft Academy By APBS challenge consists in making 6 different knot useful for bushcraft

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