10 Points to Consider in Preparing for an Earthquake

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As news comes in all the time about the rescue in Christchurch, New Zealand it seems only fitting to write about how we can prepare for the ever increasing chance of an earthquake on our own soil. Although here in the U.K an earthquake isn’t thought of as an immediate threat, credible sources have revealed that we are overdue for one although the probability of anything larger than 5-6 on the richter scale is less than likely. The magnitude of the earthquake is of course important but the number of people now living in London for example is around 5 times as much. With so many people living in one city, if the worst were to happen, why would you not have a back up plan to get you and your family out of harms way and caring to their needs while others await government help. You can prepare in advance to build up your stock without much expense.

Here are 10 things to think about when packing your 72 hour survival kit in preparation for an earthquake or similar situation.

72 Hour Survival Kit

To have a kit stashed away for a day you may need it is one of the smartest things a family man or anyone for that matter can do. Having 3 days to recoup, refresh and get your thoughts together will keep you focused on how to progress and will give you time to ride out most storms. Just remember most kits are per person, so if you have a family to think about then just factor them in!

It should consist of:

A Torch/Radio - These can save space in your bag are much easier as one unit. Be sure to get the wind up one just so you have it, a must in the more longer term situations.

A Sierra metal Cup – This metal cup will enable you to drink, cook and will conveniently fold up into your backpack or hanging on the back.

Waterproof Matches – These are ideal for damper areas and if you may need to pass through water in floods.

Water purification Tablets/ Water Filtration Bottle – These will be a necessity if water is low due to structural damage to the system or just an increasing lack of it. The Lifesaver which is very popular after being designed by someone looking for solutions during the Tsunami or even my personal favourite, The Berkey Water Filter!

Water Proof Jacket/Poncho – This will be much needed if you’re outside in wet weather at any point. Getting wet and not being able to dry yourself off with the home comforts can make the difference between you really struggling and staying one step ahead.

An Emergency Blanket – These can be incredibly useful to keep in the warmth and also come in large sizes to use as extra cover.

6 Ounces of Fuel Gel – A much needed igniter for quick fires, although i would always carry a flint for the sake of a pencil sized tool.

A Canteen – These will be pivotal in providing you with a solid and indestructable cooking tin.

Food - The best way to pack food and forget about it is to preserve and store in advance to keep for years in the future. This can be done by dehydrating, canning, drying, smoking and in many other ways. With modern technology as it is, why not use it to your advantage while it’s there. The Excalibur dehydrator is one of the most popular but also the most efficient, robust and best drying on the market. There are links to it on the resources home page if you are interested, i have one myself and could not fault it as you may have read in my article.

A First Aid Kit - This needs no explanation. A must in any unsafe situation

Of course i can go on forever but having a 72 hour survival kit will give you some time to get things back to as normal as you possibly can but things such as shelter will need to be your priority as much as the food and water. Running through scenarios in your head will really help you to picture what you’ll need for your partciular needs. Remember to pack extra medication if it is something you need on a daily basis. The survival kit will hopefully never need to be used, but for us to be the only creature on earth to make decisions for our future, why not make that decision for your family and take it out of their hands may you ever need it!



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