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What Is Bushcraft?

For me this is one of the simplest but most accurate definitions of bushcraft, that i completely agree with, by Tim smith of http://www.jackmtn.com What Is Bushcraft?: "
As the term bushcraft comes into the main stream there are many people writing and defining it, none of whose definitions I agree with. There’s an old saying that if you don’t define yourself, others will do it for you. Here, then, is our definition of bushcraft:

Bushcraft is the active component of our interaction with nature. Both art and science, bushcraft is doing, making, crafting, traveling, building and living in the natural world using simple, low-tech tools. Static knowledge, such as how to care for tools, etc., is a small percentage of the discipline. The vast majority is active, dynamic and hands-on.

Post from: The Jack Mountain Bushcraft Blog

What Is Bushcraft?

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