Finnish Wild Food Army Manual

Finnish Wild Food Army Manual: "
"Luonnonmuonaohje" is a Finnish Defence Forces manual which was created based on several studies that the FDF and the Border Guards produced during the 1970s and 80s. The Defence Command produced also another set of manuals which explain the scientific background behind the wild food. These were published in 1979 under the title "Mahdollisuuksista tukeutua luonnonvaraisiin eläimiin ja kasveihin ravinnonlähteinä" or how to exploit animals and plants as food sources. They do not contain any really practical information as the manual now in question but contain many tables, compare different food storage techniques and so on. One of the more interesting studies in the study was that of exploiting pines for making "pettu". Pettu is the part of a pine's inner bark that can be used for human consumption. The study concluded that up to 1/10 of energy requirement can be satisfied by eating pettu and without any side effects.

To get back to the point, here is the link for the Luonnonmuonaohje. It is written in Finnish but much of the illustrations are self-explanatory but I will be happy to translate any part to English if needed. I urge you to start reading from page nineteen where different type of fishing hooks are explained. Page 22 on the other hand shows how to fish with a two-man net. From there on the manual continues to moose and bird hunting.

Happy readings!

Finnish Defence Forces - Luonnonmuonaohje


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