Afraid of Wasting Your Time With Your Preps?

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You’re not alone. I mean, just imagine…
You spend money building your survival food and gear stockpiles. You take months, even years to build up your knowledge of survival skills. You may even leave the city for a safer home in the country.
You may be up at 5:00 AM seven days per week, working hard gardening, building, fencing, raising livestock and a hundred other tasks required to become self-reliant on your own land.
You’re doing all that work while balancing the needs of your family and the other things in your normal daily life.
You work. You wait and you wait and… And then something happens…

No disaster. No collapse. No end of the world as we know it. To your surprise, the crap never hits the fan. The starving refugees never show up at your door.
It feels like you’re just been pissing in the wind all this time, but have you wasted your time if nothing ever happens…
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there isn’t going to be a major disaster or full-blown collapse sometime in the near future.
My research and reasoning, strongly suggest that it is going to happen - no, I can’t give you an exact date and I would be careful of anyone claims they can.
The truth is disasters happen all the time, even if they haven’t affected you personally yet, they still happen and you may not be lucky enough to avoid the next one.
Over the past few months, I’ve had at least 25-30 people send emails letting me know that nothing was going to happen and if it did that they would be fine because the government would not let things get “that bad” .
I always respond with a short note, thanking them for their comment and to letting them know, that I hope they’re right, but that I don’t think they are.
I always point out that the U.S. Government has spent billions of dollars to ensure their survival, (see my post “Continuity Of Government“) I ask them why would they (the Federal Government) do this – if they, with all their inside knowledge, facts, scientist, analyst and intelligence did not think a major world-changing event could happen.
Why would they spend billions of dollars preparing for just such an event if we are so safe?
Do they know something we don’t…
I also like to send them this link to the “67 Worst U.S Natural Disasters” that have happened over the last 103 years – I avoid getting into issues involving economics or other such issues, because these are people are already in denial and would only brush such ideas aside, but everyone, even the most dependent, accept the fact and occurrence of natural disasters.
I’m sure most of you reading this already see the common sense of prepping, but let’s get back to the original question – what if nothing ever happens…
What if another major disaster never happens? Have you wasted your time, money and life with all this prepping stuff? I don’t think so – for me there has always been a great sence of accomplishment in knowing, I am as self-reliant as I can be.
And at least if you are prepared you’ll never have to be one of those people who rush to the grocery store and fight over the last loaf of bread or gallon of milk at the first mention of snow on the news.
If nothing else you will be freer, save money, live healthier, have less stress and leave a smaller footprint on the world – what is wrong with that?
What do you think – are you wasting your time by prepping?
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