I found via a post in this blog this fantastics product called Sugru.
From what i can understand it is a silicon base component, similar to touch with molding clay, with some amazing features and capabilities like, cures at room temperature, self-adhesive, loves a bit of heat and cold (resistant from -60 °C to + 180 °C), waterproof, flexible, dishwasher-proof etc. In the website there are allot of great ideas of usage but the imagination is the limit to what you can do and repair with this stuff.
The price in my opinion is not to much 14€ or 17$ for 12 bags of 5g of multiple color.

The potential of this stuff if immense, i cannot wait to get my hand on it.

Be prepared ! 


  1. Just found your blog! I'm on my way home, So when I get there I'll be looking through it more carefully.

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  2. Hello Albert,

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