Field Gourmet – Danes Issue New Ration

Field Gourmet – Danes Issue New Ration: "

According to Denmark-based SSD reader “L”, the Danish military has adopted a new ration pack.

e new ration comes in one cardbox and includes these things (picture above)

1 x Freezedried breakfast (Oatmeal with berries etc)

1 x Freezedried dinner (all sorts of stuff. Chili Con Carne, Pasta In Spicy Sauce etc. There is a lot of different meals)

4 x ryebread

1 x Cocoa

2 x lemonade (lemon, raspberry etc)

1 x tuna

1 x liverpatê

2 x ketchup

3 x alcohol swabs

3 x sugar

1 x porridge (Apple, Strawberry etc)

1 x cheesespread

2 x jam

1 x crackers

2 x nutmix

3 x chewinggum (2 per pack)

3 x tea

3 x coffee

3 x salt

3 x pepper

2 x nutbars

2 x toothpick

1 x spoon

1 x toothbrush

Also included but not pictured is a spoon.



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