Emergency fire lighting kit.

Emergency fire lighting kit.: "Over the years I have learnt the importance of being able to make a fire in all conditions.

Fire gives us warmth,cooks are food,drys are cloths,helps us make tools and also gives us a sense of security and belonging.

So with this in mind I have always carried an emergency fire kit just for my own peace of mind,this kit is always kept in the inner pocket of my backpack,Ive never had the need to use it but its there if the need ever arises.

My main fire lighting method is flint and steel but I also carry a ferro rod on my person and have no problem with making and using a bow drill and practice the bow drill once a week just to keep my muscles toned so that it is not hard work in the sticks.

So here is a list of what I keep in my emergency fire kit.

1] Ranger ferro rod,its small and compact but will get the job done.

2] Strike anywhere matches which have been dipped in wax to keep them water proofed,you just scrap the wax off with you finger nail and you good to go.

3] Life boat type matches which have an extended burn time but you do need to have the striker to strike them to flame.

4] Cord to make a bow for the bowdrill.

5]Fat wood [maya sticks] for tinder.

6] A roll of Birch bark as tinder.

7] Pine resin as a fire extender.

8] A strip of rubber inner tube which works well in the rain[you can blame Ray Mears for this one]

This kit is kept sealed in a water proof bag.

Id just like to add that I really don't like using matches for fire lighting as Id rather practice the more traditional fire lighting methods and have not used matches for years.

Also the rubber inner tube is a last resort method that would only be used in a dire situation.



  1. I also carry several methods to start a fire. It may be cheating, but my first choice is a lighter or matches. There is no reason to make things hard! I also have flint and steel and a swedish firesteel.


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