Ultralight Cooking | Altoids Mini-BBQ

Ultralight Cooking | Altoids Mini-BBQ: "

I had to share this. Wired's Gadget Lab has a great DIY Friday article on how to make a mini-BBQ from a round Altoids tin and a few other odds and ends. The end result is a pretty good representation of what a classic round Weber BBQ grill looks like, only super small - maybe even ultralight?

This is adorable: a tiny charcoal BBQ grill using an Altoids Sours tin, two metal computer fan guards, and some sheet metal screws for legs. It looks like it fits one regular-sized briquette. As one of the commenter's note, this is great for marshmallows, but you could also cook a shrimp at a time.

Also check out the original Instructables version by vmspionage here: Altoids Sours BBQ Grill. I can't wait to see what Jason Klass dreams up after seeing this :-)


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