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Hello everybody,

One of the pieces of equipment that is always with me is the flashlight. 6 or 7 years ago i purchased a Walther Tactical flashlight. I think, at the time i paid something like 12 €. I have been carrying it many years, but since the last time i had to buy batteries for it and left the store with less 7 € for 2 cells, I decided to seek an alternative that used AA batteries, widely available and economical format (although this format does not have as much capacity as the CR123A).

Additionally, I decided to buy a smaller flashlight that can be added to the Keychain but it had some power.
All this without spending much money :)

Walther Tactical flashlight

Type: Xenon
Material: Alumínio
Power: 60 Lumens
Batteries: 2x  CR123A
Dimensions: 12cm x 3cm

The main reason for buying this lantern was indeed the price  compared to other lights of the big brand type Surefire, Streamlight etc..

This flashlight has a good construction, very solid. The body of
flashlight has a texture that gives a good grip.
The flashlight is activated by a push button on the bottom of the flashlight, with the possibility of blocking it, always keeping the torch lit without needing to be pressing the button, by turning the flashlight  cover completely. The button is hard and sometimes it becomes difficult to operate requiring some pressure to turn it on.

The lantern has a good intensity but nothing that surprised with a yellow light characteristic of this kind of lamps.

The only thing that annoys me, is this the type of cells , CR123A, which are very expensive and not always be found when needed. Some year ago it  was cheaper to buy a new flashlight ((which came with 4 batteries) than go looking for new batteries for it.

Construction: 4 / 5
Usability: 3 / 5
Feature: 2 / 5
Price / Quality: 3 / 5

Black Cat HM-01 HA-II

Type: LED
Material: Alumínio
Power: 100 Lumens
Cells: 1x AAA
weight: 29g

Dimensions: 8.2cm x 1.4cm Preço: 6€ / 8$

This small lamp has a power that surprises with a very bright light and white. The construction is very good with two rough areas which gives good adhesion.
This flashlight is powered by a button on the end of the flashlight. The button is smooth and comfortable.
On the website, states that she has 90 minutes autonomy but some users are talking of 60 minutes.
This lamp has exceeded all my expectations with the size and power  for an EDC flashlight

Construction: 4 / 5
Usability: 2 / 5
Feature: 3 / 5
Price / Quality: 4 / 5

Ultrafire C3 Cree Q5 5-Mode

Type: Cree Q5 LED
Material: Aluminum
Power:?? Lumens
Batteries: AA 1x or 2x AA
Weight: 29g
Dimensions: 14.7cm x 2cm x 2cm or 9.7cm
Price: 11.05 / $ 15.65

This lantern was chosen to replace the Walther. This light, so besides having a good power, has two features that enticed me enough.

1. Modularity.  you able to use one or two cells using for that the extender that comes in the package. With only one battery to power  is lower ( resembled the Black Cat HM-01 HA-II)  but makes a very compact and versatile package. When we use two batteries,  the power  is very good and bright, increasing autonomy. I'm still getting used to the format when it has the extension, it's weird, is disproportionate to its thickness.

2. Multi-mode. This flashlight has five modes of action, low, mid, hi, strobe and SOS. Note that the strobe and SOS always works at maximum power, therefore consume much power.

The lantern, as is normal in this type of flashlight, is activated by a button on the end of the flashlight. Pressing it turns MID mode, more than enough for most situations. To change mode, just press the button lightly again to pass it to low mode, very useful for reading maps for example, next is HI, then the strobe and SOS at the end, pressing it again resumes the cycle . But there is not only good things, the fact that the button is multi-function makes that you can accidentally change the mode when you try turning it off or vice-versa, accidentally turning it off when trying to change mod. 

The construction is of reasonable quality and solid with several rough areas that give good grip. When using both batteries you hear rattling inside the torch, which does not happen when using just one.

Construction: 4 / 5
Usability: 4 / 5
Functionality: 4 / 5
Price / Quality: 4 / 5

Now here I leave a video done at home to demonstrate the light from each one.

Fico à espera do vosso feedback!!



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