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A Real Emergency Fund: "
A Real Emergency Survival Fund

When you hear a financial planner talk about having an “emergency fund” they are referring to a savings or checking account that will get you through tough times. We think this is wise but we also feel that the “Prepared Individual” should also plan for dire situations and have a Real Emergency Fund.

If you are on this site then you have probably spent time thinking about long term food storage, how to get fresh water or how to get your family Out of Dodge if the SHTF. If you have already thought about all this stuff, how much time have you spent thinking about your economic well being after a disaster? Any good survival or disaster plan should have an economic component to it as well. Whether it is buying gas for your car, food to feed your family or safe passage through a group of hostile people in a urban survival situation. You will need something to trade and barter with in these survival situations. If you think that your platinum credit card will get you through any disaster then read no further, this article is not for you.

Here @ SurvivalCache we do not get into predicting the future and we do not know what type of disasters the future holds (complete economic collapse, earthquake, global pandemic virus, World War III, TEOTWAWKI, etc). However we do know that good planning can get you and your family through the most difficult times and having a “Real Emergency Fund” along with a food, shelter, water, transportation and protection plan will help you do just that.

If you are living in the United States it comes down to the big four – Gold, Silver, The US Dollar, or Bartering Items (food, watches, fresh water, jewelry, ammo, warm clothes, etc). Like any good financial planner will tell you, diversification is the key to success. This is no different in a survival scenario. For example, let’s say you only keep platinum in your home for an emergency fund because it is your favorite precious metal and your father told you that platinum is always the most valuable metal. That is great for you and your dad but a lot people do not understand the value of platinum or its resale potential. This means that if all you have is platinum, you either might not be able to trade for goods & services or you will get a reduced trade where you receive much less in the way or goods & services for your platinum.

On the other hand, everyone knows the value of Gold unless you have been living under a rock. Gold has been a source of value and wealth since the beginning of recorded time. The problem with Gold is that it is so valuable these days that just 1 Gold coin can be worth well over a $1300 USD. What if you have ten Gold coins in your Emergency Fund and all you need is a loaf of bread, how do you get change in a survival situation? Do you want to pay over a $1000 for a loaf of bread? Maybe if you are really hungry (or if it is really good bread) but I seriously doubt it. So what is the best plan?

What to keep on hand

The best plan is to have a mix of Gold, Silver, US Dollars, and Barter items. I personally like Silver. A 1oz Silver coin is worth about $20 to $28 depending on the market and for a few hundred dollars you can have a pretty good mix of coins. I also recommend having a good amount of Gold, Barter Items and US Dollars. Some people would tell you that you don’t want US Dollars because they might not be worth the paper they are printed on. I say having $1000 to $2000 on hand in $20, $10 and $5 bills might get you out of a jam. What if the person you have to deal with in TEOTWAWKI still believes in the valve of the US Dollar? In that case, the US Dollar is definitely worth having on hand. Also the US Dollar is light and easy to conceal.

Where to keep your “Real Emergency Fund”?

A good safe (the first choice) is always nice and secure but they can also attract unwanted attention if they are not well hidden. If you do not have a safe, look around your home or apartment for clever places to keep your Emergency Fund (never keep it all in one place!!). Here are some ideas to get your started: air ducts, in bags of frozen food, hollowed out books, duct taped to the bottom of drawers, in a sealed bag in your toilet’s water tank, in the spare tire in the truck of your car. Also check out these low cost hidden safes that work in plain sight.

Here is a breakdown guide for a Real Emergency Fund:

Let’s say you were going to set aside $5000 worth of currency for a disaster. This is how I would break it down, you might do things different. Come up with a plan that works for you.

$1000 – Gold Bullion Coins – 1/10 oz. size (20% of your EF)

$1500 – US Dollars – by $20 and $10 bills (30% of your EF)

$1500 – Silver Bullion Coins – All sizes (30% of your EF)

$1000 – Barter items (see list below) (20% of your EF)

Remember – come up with your “Real Emergency Fund” after you have completed your water, food, weapon/ammo, shelter, transportation and Bug Out Bag plans.

Here is a short list of ideas for Emergency Barter Items:

Tobacco: If packed in an airtight containers can keep for a very long time.

Canned Meat: Spam, don’t laugh it stays good for a long time and it is great source of protein and fat.

Batteries: Alkaline and Lithium’s batteries will be hard to get items.

Synthetic Oil: Full synthetic oils have long shelf lives and numerous uses. Also If filtered they can be re-used many times.

Antibiotics: Another great barter item worth huge exchange when your sick you’ll “make-a-deal”.

Multi Vitamins: Often overlooked but in a survival situation this will be essential to maintaining good health from poor nutrition. (Check out Raw Source Organics - keep them in the freezer, I do)

Seeds: Another great barter item especially if you live in a good growing climate.

Ammo: Shotgun (12 gauge & 20 gauge), 22LR, 9mm, .45 ACP, 5.56mm/.223, .270, .308 (Note: Even if you don’t own a .22, stocking 22LR ammo is a wise choice for barter because it is cheap and a lot of people own .22 Rifles)

Shampoo: A good barter luxury hygiene item that can double as soap.

Disposable Razors: People will like to be clean shaven.

Soap & Laundry Detergent: Good hygiene is important

Allergy medicine: You might not have them but a lot of people do.

Hard alcohol: It will keep for a long time and it also has a medicinal value as well. Wines will also last a long time. Beer, sorry not a good choice.

Aloe Vera: Good medical uses

Animal traps: An easy way to hunt without leaving your house.

Antacids – Heart burn may follow a bad diet

Antibiotics – Good medical uses

Anti-histamines – Good medical uses

Antiseptic – Good medical uses

Apple cider vinegarMany uses

Aspirin - Good medical uses

Baby formula – Might be worth a lot to the right person

Can openers - Nothing worse than wasting half of the can of food trying to get it open

Candles - Beats sitting in the dark

Canned food - Easy to trade and always in demand

Coffee - Good coffee might be worth a lot to the right person

Cooking oil - Many uses

Fishing gear - Low stress way to gather food

Flashlights - As long as they come with batteries

Flour - Many cooking uses

Sea salt: See The Survival Mom’s article on this, good read.

Tea - Medical uses and worth a lot to tea drinkers

Toilet paper - like gold

Tools - if you have extras and can trade they will be valuable

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