Essential tools for disaster recovery

Essential tools for disaster recovery: "
This list was submitted by Adam Grundleger. He says, “This list is by no means all-inclusive, but it’s what I can remember from being through hurricanes and heavy storms.” Bad weather and natural disasters never seem to take a vacation, and having the right tools can make a huge difference in how quickly a home and family recover. Thanks, Adam, for a great list! I think it will come in handy when shopping for birthdays and Christmas!

tool belt Essential tools for disaster recovery
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  1. Gas/water shutoff tool (Know where the shut-off valves are.)
  2. Fire extinguishers (Check to insure they are charged and the appropriate type.)
  3. Claw hammer, 16 oz; sledge if available
  4. Nails, assorted sizes (Have several boxes as they can go quick.)
  5. Set of screwdrivers, including hex and torx for equipment repair
  6. Set of metric and standard wrenches
  7. Set of metric and standard sockets with ratchet
  8. Assortment of wood screws, nuts and bolts
  9. Level, layout square, combination square, plumb bob
  10. Saws, at least one good crosscut saw and one bow saw
  11. An axe and hatchet, machete if available
  12. Shovels and other gardening equipment
  13. Chainfall/come-along
  14. Ratchet straps
  15. Cordage, paracord up to dock line
  16. Ladders, extension and step
  17. Tape measure
  18. Epoxy (I like JB Weld.)
  19. Duct tape
  20. Baling wire
  21. Construction adhesive
  22. Sealant caulk
  23. Sealant foam

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