Convenient survival kit

Convenient survival kit: "

Convenient survival kit

A survival kit to carry every day:

- 2"x3" signal mirror
- emergency whistle
- button compass
- 12 water purification tablets
- condom to hold water
- Spark-Lite to create sparks

- 4 pieces of Tinder-Quik in case no dry tinder is available

- Flint/magnesium fused stick as a 2nd way to create sparks and a second source of "tinder" (magnesium)

- Ron Hock 2"x3.5"x3/16" Krenov-style plane blade
- 1"x4"x1/16" double-sided diamond sharpening plate

- a 3.25"x5" full grain leather pouch to hold all the above

- a double loop of Paracord to hold the leather pouch around your neck; or just put the leather pouch in your pocket

- Braided paracord ankle bracelet to carry at least some paracord at all times

Sometimes it doesn't work to carry a Mora or other knife around with you all the time, but carrying a plane blade may be OK. This kit is a little weak on items for collecting or purifying/filtering water (e.g. no way to boil water), but it's convenient to carry around every day unobtrusively.


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