Bear Grylls - Escape Foreign Legion

This is a series from 2008  that i dint knew about, staring  Bear Grylls where he joins a recruitment class of the French Foreign Legion. Not that i love the guy but is always interesting to see ...

" No other military force retains the chilling, enigmatic mystery of the French Foreign Legion. It’s been painted as the definitive military machine; the harsh last resort for men on the run; and the ultimate boys own adventure. In Escape To The Legion we will aim to marry the historical appeal of Lad’s army with the genuine living-history experience of Frontier House.

Led by explorer and former SAS trainer Bear Grylls, a group of mainly British men will be placed in a Saharan Foreign Legion Fort where for 4 weeks they will experience a compressed Foreign Legion training programme led by 3 full uniformed former Legionnaires. The filming will follow the daily ups and downs of these recruits as they attempt to turn themselves into viable Legionnaires."


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