'Dragon's Tongue' paracord bracelet...

'Dragon's Tongue' paracord bracelet...: "JD of TIAT recently made a YouTube video tutorial on 'How to tie a Dragon's Tongue'. I followed the tying method, but instead of two separate paracord strands, I used a single 12 foot long strand of paracord with a 5/8 inch curved side release buckle, to make a 9.5 inch long paracord bracelet.

Once I looped the center of the paracord onto one end of the buckle, measured for wrist length and looped onto the other buckle end, I had two working ends and two core strands to weave around, like shown in the video. The ends of the paracord were tucked into the weave on the underside of the bracelet with hemostats to finish. The video tutorial has the paracord stretched out, after weaving, for the 'lashing' tongue effect, but I left the cord bunched up to use more cord in the bracelet, and I prefer the wider effect of the weave.

The 9.5 inch finished length was actually a loose fit for my 8.5 inch wrist, so I'll probably untie it and adjust it to my wrist size instead of adding length, which is sometimes required with other paracord bracelet methods. A watch could be added midway through weaving for a wide watchband, or add something else like a compass, skull bead, etc... And it also works as a pet collar or you can adapt it for use as a lanyard or fob.

If you want to increase the amount of paracord used and don't mind a thicker sized paracord bracelet, you can run extra cord back and forth between the buckle ends a time or two more, for a four or six strand core which can be paired off and woven around, like the examples in this previous blog post.

*After untying/retying the bracelet to 8.5 inches long for a better fit, I still used all 12 feet of paracord that I started with, and tucked the excess under the weave along the inside of the bracelet.

A two-toned version for a family member that's an LSU fan, and has been undergoing cancer treatment.



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