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Feliz natal / Merry Christmas

[PT]A todos os meus leitores e amigos, uma feliz Natal e um grande ano de 2012 [EN]To all my readers and friends a Merry Christmas and a great year of 2012


Declination : " Compasses point at magnetic north. Meridians of longitude point at true north.

Axe Replacement Handles

By Axe Replacement Handles : "In recent years more and more people have taken up the challenge of restoring and repairing vintage axes. An essential part of most repairs is the replacement of the axe handle. I know that I personally have had a hard time finding quality handles, especially when phrasing them online. For that reason I decided to put together a short list of websites where you can buy some hard to find handles.

Ray Mears-Medical Plants and Woodsman's tea


How to reprofile axes and hatchets

Great article from How to reprofile axes and hatchets : "Over the last several years, the number of threads on forums regarding axe and hatchet re-profiling have increased. Some of these contain useful info, most though talk about it, but never show how it's actually done. Even fewer still explain why it makes an axe cut better and how the profile differs between an axe for softwood, and an axe for hardwood. Changing the edge geometry of an axe is NOT reprofiling the axe. This is merely sharpening the axe. Anyone who tries to tell you differently is trying to sell a story to make themselves look more knowledgable than they actually are. I initially became interested in reprofiling axes about 4 years ago. I had always been keen to learn this black art because as a child I had been to country fairs in Queensland where I witnessed axe racing. It is something special to see one of these axes slice through a large block of wood like butter. I

Serra da Estrela

Photos from my latest trip to Serra da Estrela

My Trails

I have started to share my trails GPS records on Wikiloc. There you will find exploration trails that i make with my wife !!! JG

[PORTUGAL] Serra do Risco - Serra da Arrábida

Here is some photos of my last exploration adventure with my wife to "Serra do Risco" in Portugal. Some say that here is located the biggest cliff in Continental Europe. Link to the track we made

8 of the Most Unique Walking Paths in the World 2 in 8 are in Portugal :)