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10 Unusual Foods You Should Have in Your Pantry

10 Unusual Foods You Should Have in Your Pantry : " Shortening powder – This product is a sure-fire way of having shortening on hand for all your baking without having to worry about it going rancid. Even more important, you can sprinkle some in a hot skillet, and when it melts, you can pan fry! What a concept! Powdered peanut butter – Peanut butter has an amazingly long shelf life, even after it’s been opened, but powdered peanut butter is still very useful. Every morning I add a tablespoon or so to my protein drink. It adds all the flavor and nutrition of peanuts without any of the fat found in peanut butter. image by sleepyneko

Five strand flat sinnet...

Five strand flat sinnet... : " Here's another flat sinnet from Stuart Grainger's Creative Ropecraft . It's just one of many shown to be made with up to six strands in the book, like a previous one I blogged about a few years ago. I've started this paracord belt version, using the buckle from an old leather belt. I've treated the pair of tan paracord lines as one cord. The tan and one of the foliage green paracord cords are strictly core strands for the sinnet to be woven around, and would only need to be as long at the belt would be, where the working strands(3 of them) would need to be much longer. I haven't figured out a needed length, feet of cord per inch of sinnet, because there are variables that would depend on how tight/loose the sinnet is made, size/number of core strands woven around, etc... The sinnet would also work well for a bracelet, pet collar, or strap. "

Survival TOP 50 [PT]Recentemente encontrei este site que contem uma lista do top 50 blogs sobre Sobrevivência.Já conhecia uma boa parte deles, mas também encontrei outros que não conhecia  e que passaram a fazer parte da minha lista de sites a ler. [EN] Recently i found this website that as a list of the top 50 blogs about survival. I already knew the majority of the links but found some new ones very interesting and joined my list of "to read" blogs. JG

The small knife versus the large knife

The small knife versus the large knife : " The small knife versus the large knife: Analyzing the value of knife sizes in a wilderness setting. Note, I am still on Hiatus. This is a reposting of an article. The one tool almost all survival skills enthusiasts and bushcrafters seem to focus on over any other is the knife. Discussions about trapping methods, blankets, tents and fire starting devices are set aside whenever the “knife talk” begins at any campfire. To many this has become a dull discussion, more of an ego-fueled debate amongst men who must compromise for either their lack of genuine skill or something else along those lines. To others however, this subject has become an obsession, which plagues their minds daily. I know some men that have awoken from a fitful sleep, just to describe to me a new knife design that popped into their head in mid-slumber. I suppose it is a passion that I have fueled for myself, testing and handling literally hundreds of designs from

Medical Kit Lessons Learned

Medical Kit Lessons Learned : " A guest post by Varian Wrynn image by gregor_y Over the last several months, I have put together a small, yet flexible, medical kit for my pack, which is also my 72-hour kit. I realized my kit was mostly complete when I had to remove a portion of my son’s toenail. I removed the nail, treated the nail bed, and prevented infection. That was when I decided to share the contents of my kit with others.

Essential tools for disaster recovery

Essential tools for disaster recovery : " This list was submitted by Adam Grundleger. He says, “This list is by no means all-inclusive, but it’s what I can remember from being through hurricanes and heavy storms.” Bad weather and natural disasters never seem to take a vacation, and having the right tools can make a huge difference in how quickly a home and family recover. Thanks, Adam, for a great list! I think it will come in handy when shopping for birthdays and Christmas! image by Blue Diamond Photography

Marttiini M571 Review

Marttiini M571 Review : "Here is another puukko style knife from a widely respected manufacturer. It can often be seen in the hands of woodsmen, but is not reviewed nearly as often as the Mora knives. I decided to do a short comparison. Specifications: Knife Length: 7 3/4 inches (197 mm) Blade Length: 3 1/4 inches (83 mm) Blade Thickness: 3/32 inches (2.4 mm) Blade Width: 3/4 inches (19 mm) Blade Material: Unknown carbon steel Blade Hardness: Unknown Type of Tang: Partial concealed Blade Grind: Scandinavian/single bevel Handle Material: Plastic Sheath Material: Plastic Cost: $15.00

Choosing the Best Survival Chainsaw

Choosing the Best Survival Chainsaw : " Choosing wood cutting tools for your survival gear can be complicated because of weight. Axes, hatchets, and saws can be heavy and cumbersome. A much lighter option is a flexible saw. A flexible saw, or survival chainsaw, is a chainsaw-type blade strung between two handles. They all weigh in at 5 or 6 o.z. At that weight I can’t think why you wouldn’t want one in your survival gear. Besides weight, it is pretty amazing how effective these things can be with very little effort. (See the video below) You just wrap it around a tree or piece of wood and slide back and forth. After poking around online for a while I found there are 3 different saws that seem to be the most popular. The Unbelievable Saw , The Pocket Chainsaw , and The SaberCut saw After looking at all three and reading customer reviews I think the SaberCut Saw is probably the best choice for a couple of reasons.

Convenient survival kit

Convenient survival kit : " Convenient survival kit A survival kit to carry every day: - 2"x3" signal mirror - emergency whistle - button compass - 12 water purification tablets - condom to hold water - Spark-Lite to create sparks - 4 pieces of Tinder-Quik in case no dry tinder is available - Flint/magnesium fused stick as a 2nd way to create sparks and a second source of "tinder" (magnesium) - Ron Hock 2"x3.5"x3/16" Krenov-style plane blade - 1"x4"x1/16" double-sided diamond sharpening plate - a 3.25"x5" full grain leather pouch to hold all the above - a double loop of Paracord to hold the leather pouch around your neck; or just put the leather pouch in your pocket - Braided paracord ankle bracelet to carry at least some paracord at all times Sometimes it doesn't work to carry a Mora or other knife around with you all the time, but carrying a plane blade may be OK. This kit is a

Survival Kits And Priorities By Rick Shrack

Survival Kits And Priorities By Rick Shrack : " Over the years, I've seen all kinds of survival kits , read all kinds of articles about them, and tested many components on my own. Seems many of these guys use their kits occasionally, if for no more reason than to rotate the items or food out for freshness' sake. But most will only relate their story of when they had to use a kit, or something they had carried with them that saved their lives. Usually, though, I must admit that some writers do give some thought to their kits, but some do not consider various climates, many sizes of people, or the knowledge levels of the user. One author had a three-part kit that would have been too much for any child or a frail person.

Using a Knife - Cutting Techniques & Safety

Good series of videos from NaturalBushcraft teaching how to use a knife on the field and some diferent cutting techniques.

Snake Knot


Camping Classic - Waterproofing Matches

Camping Classic - Waterproofing Matches : " This will expose both my technology geek side and my backpacking nerd side in one blog post. So, just the other day, I was reading my self-made eBook version of Horace Kephart's classic, ' Camping and Woodcraft ' , on my iPod Touch when I came across a beautiful little nugget of camping wisdom explaining how to weather-proof matches using shellac and thought I would not only give it a try myself, but share my results with you all. Here's the full paragraph that I am referring to:

How NOT to leave a camp site

How NOT to leave a camp site : " One of my pet hates is irresponsible campers who leave litter. I show the correct way to leave a camp site. "

Top Survival Tip: Ensuring that you have good drinking water

Top Survival Tip: Ensuring that you have good drinking water : " Guest post by David Michaud, Survival image by emrank The human body needs water even more urgently than it needs food, with death by dehydration occurring in the absence of water in as little as three or four days under the right conditions, and in one day or less in extreme heat. At the same time, water is the perfect habitat for many dangerous microorganisms, which can slip into the water supply in many different ways – from leaking sewage, contamination by animal droppings, and so forth.

Axe-head rehandling

Great video showing an old man rehandling an AXE, using only an AXE and a knife, great skills!!!

Review: Lowcost Flashlight (EN)

Hello everybody, One of the pieces of equipment that is always with me is the flashlight. 6 or 7 years ago i purchased a Walther Tactical flashlight. I think, at the time i paid something like 12 €. I have been carrying it many years, but since the last time i had to buy batteries for it and left the store with less 7 € for 2 cells, I decided to seek an alternative that used AA batteries, widely available and economical format (although this format does not have as much capacity as the CR123A). Additionally , I decided to buy a smaller flashlight that can be added to the Keychain but it had some power . All this without spending much money :)

Review: Lanternas lowcost (PT)

Olá a todos, Um das peças que equipamento que anda sempre comigo é a lanterna. Faz para mais de 6/7 anos que adquiri uma Walther Tactical flashlight. Penso que altura paguei qualquer coisa como 12€. Acompanhou-me durante muito anos, mas desde a ultima vez que tive que comprar pilhas para ela e deixei quase 7€ na loja por 2 pilha, decidi procurar uma alternativa que utiliza-se pilhas AA, formato amplamente disponível e económico (embora este formato não tenha tanta capacidade como as CR123A). Adicionalmente, decidi comprar uma lanterna mais pequena que pode-se ser adicionado ao porta chaves mas que tivesse algumas potencia. Tudo isto sem gastar muito dinheiro :)

1000 pages views/ páginas visualizadas

Ola a todos, Em menos de um mês de existência desde blog, já foram visualizadas mais de 1000 páginas, de mais 26 países diferente! Nunca na melhor das minhas expectativas, imaginei que em tão pouco tempo conseguir alcançar tal objectivo em tão curto espaço de tempo. Sinto-me verdadeiramente honrado. O meu muito muitíssimo obrigado a todos aqueles que seguem o blog!!! Não deixem de passar pela página do facebook e dizer olá! Hello every body In less then 1 month of existence, we already have more then 1000 pages views, from 26 different  countries! Never in my wildest imagination i hopped to reach this number in such a short period of time. I am truly honored. My many many thanks to everyone who follows this blog!!! Dont forget to visit out facebook page  to say hello!

Axe re-handle

Great article from Copyright Jon Mac.  MY WORK CUT OUT 2 : " Some time ago my friend Gerald bought round some Ash for me to use to re-handle some of my tools. I split it up and left it in the Apple Room to dry out... One of the tools that has been languishing in a draw is a rather fine Japanese laminated Axe head. So this weekend I decided that the Ash was seasoned enough for me to set about the job of making a new helve for it. The first thing to do was select a nice piece for the job. One of the billets had a knot about a third of the way up, so I decided to use this piece as I didn't need a full length and I could cut out the knotty piece... As with all this work it is best not to rush anything. Have a picture in your mind of the finished job... With my Axe I gently start removing the waste wood. I am looking for an elliptical shape down the length of the billet... Of course the chickeny helpers

Cliques, spoons and Survival vs Bushcraft

Cliques, spoons and Survival vs Bushcraft : " I am in contact with a lot of outdoors instructors on a daily basis. From day camp counselors who teach wilderness skills to the kiddos, to veteran military survival-style instructors, to people that have recently earned the term 'Bush Hippy', but I call quiet primitive enthusiasts. I've made a lot of friends in this field, and I'm sure the occasional non-friend (wouldn't call them an enemy, because we remain civil). I'm sure it's the same with everyone else in this field. But I've noticed something incredible, and I know I'm not alone. The lines get drawn, the followers pick up their weapons (Mora versus Machete most often it seems, but that's a different story), and they head to the battleground.. the online forum. Or sometimes a private chatroom or... well.. a blog. Ironic that I'm using it too then? Maybe, who knows.. But I've noticed people become gung-ho for our celebrity outd

Keith's Rescue Kit...

Keith's Rescue Kit... : " A few weeks ago I posted a story detailing a new coat I had recently been given, and I gave some information about what I keep in my pockets. Well, this got me thinking about what the men and women of my old search team carry in their Burgens. I gave my best friend Keith a call and asked if he wouldn't mind coming over for a chat about his kit and let me photograph it for this blog. He readily agreed ...

Building Traps without Tools


Surviving In The Wilderness - The 8 Essentials

Surviving In The Wilderness - The 8 Essentials : " The most important technique for surviving in the wilderness is the will to survive. You need the correct attitude or you will have a very tough time surviving. A lot of your survival skills can be learned from being in the wilderness. From going to seminars, shows, to learning the skills passed down from your parents or grandparents. Here I will detail some of the bare essentials that are needed in a survival situation. Having a survival kit is a necessity, but the contents of that kit will depend on your situation. 1. Your first priority is shelter. In wet or changeable weather conditions most people cannot survive for more than a few hours. Your shelter must protect you from the elements and be comfortable enough for resting and sleeping. 2. Another skill to learn is how to make a fire. Practice this skill under different conditions: wet and dry. A fire will not only keep you dry but you can use it to cook food, pur

Altoid Survival Kit

Altoid Survival Kit : " I love pocket-sized survival kits. For EDC situations, I prefer an easy-to-carry wallet kit , but for a wilderness survival situation, a more full-blown kit is in order. Enter the altoid survival kit. Who knows what genius initially came up with the idea of using an Altoid tin to hold a survival kit, but survivalists everywhere owe him a debt of gratitude. I'm a mildly obsessive sort, always interested in improving things in whatever that I these kind of kits are right up my alley. Sourcing miniature survival gear and putting together a decent kit is waaay more fun than it should be. As I've mentioned previously, I'm in a gift exchange this Christmas. There's a price limit of around $20, and I wanted to see what kind of Altoid survival kit I could pull together for that amount. I started by listing out various survival priorities. For each category, I needed to find an inexpensive, altoid kit-sized piece of gear