How to Carve a BushCraft Wooden Spoon: Step by Step

Quick and easy tutorial how How to Carve a BushCraft Wooden Spoon: Step by Step by "
BushCrafting and Spoon carving have a deep history together. Carving wooden utensils and bowls is a classic bushcraft project. Below is a step-by-step pictorial that will help you get through your first Spoon Carving project. Below the photos is a video that will help as well.

Let me know if you have any questions at all! Cheers, Creek

Step # 1: Split a 3" diameter branch in half. Seasoned wood is preferred.
Step # 2: Trace the outline of the spoon shape you want.
Step # 3: Rough cut the spoon with a sharp axe.
Step # 4: Always chop down the handle, never toward the spoon.
Step # 5: A nice sharp axe will do most of the work for you.
Step # 6: Back view after rough cutting with axe.
Step # 7: Using a knife, start to shape the bottom of the spoon bowl and around the handle.
Step # 8: Once you complete the shape of the spoon, use a Spoon Hook Knife to carve out the spoon bowl.
Step # 9: Carefully carve out the bowl to your desired depth.
Step # 10: Gently sand the spoon with sand paper.
Step # 11: Oil the spoon with Linseed Oil or Mineral Oil every few months.
Step # 12: USE YOUR SPOON - or give it as a gift!

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