Wolverine Survival Knife Review custom machete

Wolverine Survival Knife Review custom machete: "
Meet the Wolverine. My answer to the Tom Brown Tracker and the Woodman’s Pal. Both are very nice tools, but cost too much. Since making this video I’ve purchased a Cold Steel Barong Machete. It’s way better than the Wolverine. The Wolverine was fun to make though. So I bought a $6 parang machete, cut the handle off to bring the blade to just over 9″, added a finger groove for finer work, and added my own wood handle. The result is a machorty (short machete), that is lighter, safer and more faster than a full size machete. The coat is made of 55-gallon barrel of quality plastic for food. The riveted together and has some velcro and a bag. The bag has a forward focus, a clutch Gerber Multi-Tool and a carbide sharpener Speedy. The knife is very well established and are very happy with the design. It 's very likely to replace my ax. Stay tuned for more videos in the future to me with the Wolverine.

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