ESEE Advanced E&E Survival Kit

In ESEE Advanced E&E Survival Kit: "The PSKT Nylon Pouch, closed and open (below).

In this second picture below, you see in the top row of items, left to right: signal mirror, wire saw, Katadyn Micro-Pur Water Purification Tablets. Then you drop down to the next row of items, left to right: Tornado Whistle, a cluster of items, folding razor, folding saw, combo-tool - spoon and P-38 type can opener and bottle opener, mini - prybar, a polymer universal handcuff key and a 20mm button compass. Moving to the right again there are four pieces of highly compressed cotton tinder in a ring of brass snare wire. After that you see a red plastic sleeve which contains a Fresnel Lens (magnifier) under some loose leaf Rite-in-the-Rain paper and a 'golf' pencil.

In the third picture, below, you see another grouping of items. The two items up top, left to right are a fishing kit and a storage baggy with a good amount of Mil-Spec Cord. Dropping down (same picture) you see a ferrocerium rod and a piece of sharpened hacksaw blade on ball chain and one ALOKSAK bag is located directly under it. Moving to the right are the items listed in picture two (directly above) and then under that is a pack of Caffeine GUm and a 2X2 Hemostatic Guaze Pad

The remaining items in the two pictures below are assorted First Aid items described in the List of Contents.

Direct information from ESEE's Website, list of contents:

Contents contained in a Cordura Nylon PSKT pouch (5.0' x 3.75' x 1.5'). Offered in two configurations: Advanced and Basic.

Advanced Kit Contents:

1 ea. PSKT Pocket Container
1 ea. Pencil
1 ea. Mini Pry Bar
1 ea. Survival Saw Blade w/ Handle
1 ea. Original SAS Wire Saw
1 ea. Surgical Scalpel w/ Handle
1 ea. Button Compass
1 ea. Rescue Whistle
1 ea. P38 Can Opener
1 ea. Signal Mirror w/ Aiming Screen
1 ea. Ranger Fire Starting Flint
1 ea. Tinder Tabs
4 ea. Water Treatment Tablets
1 ea. Fresnel Lens Magnifier / Fire Starter
1 ea. Utility Wire
1 ea. MilSpec Cord
1 ea. AlokSak
1 ea. Personal Survival Fishing Kit
1 ea. Disposable Handcuff Key

1 ea. Mini First Aid Kit

Aspirin Packs
Non-Aspirin Packs
Triple Antibiotic Ointment
SteriStrip Bandage
Lip Balm
Sting Relief
Sun Screen Packet
Insect Repellant Wipes
Alcohol Wipes
2 x 2 gauze w/ Haemostatic Clotting Agent
3/0 Nylon Suture - Reverse Cutting Needle

A lot of knife dealers that stock ESEE Cutlery items will have this kit. You can simply do a Google search and find the best price you can. Remember, this is the Advanced Version of the Kit, the Basic Version has a few less items and costs a little bit less.

The pouch/kit container is available from Best Glide and it is heavy duty, to say the least. There is room to place a small, French Douk-Douk or a Buck Knight or Prince folding knife in the pouch along with other items as well. This kit can be carried in the supplied pouch zip-tied to another pack or alone on your belt, etc.

These pouches were originally intended to hold BCB Survival (Tobacco Tin) Survival Kits.


  1. Great post on Advanced E & E survival kit .We never know when we will be in danger .One needs survival kits near to them so that they can evade these dangerous situations.

    survival kit

    1. In did John.

      In Portugal there is a traditional saying like this "A prevensão é o melhor remédio" in a direct translation "Prevention is the best remedy (or solution)".

      In the world we live in, and i am not talking about economics and stuff i mean the planet it self in passing a strange and unpredictable time that a natural disaster or some other event that can force you to live for some time with only what you have with you. Like Sir. Robert Stefan Smith Baden Powell sad "Be prepared".



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