What OTC products should I stock up on?

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Stocking up on plenty of over-the-counter (OTC) medications and supplies is a very important part of preparedness. The availability of medical supplies will certainly affect how and what you are able to do for your patient, like this fact or not! Another consideration is that each treatment category and problem requires many specific and different things to have on hand, from tongue depressors to otoscopes to blood pressure cuffs to whatever, many different medications included. Fact is, the list of things we have to have on hand and in supply to treat patients is enormous!

You should definitely get as much as YOU can get in this category and afford today. Always stock up on:

Pepto-B (generic Bismuth is just fine, too)
Mineral Oil
Epsom’s Salts
Hydrogen Peroxide
Witch Hazel
Contact Lens Solution
Nasal Spray, Afrin,
Primatene Mist*
Fiber like Metamucil & Benefiber
A hoard of organic-natural (i.e. never “Centrum”!) multi/B-vitamins
Vitamin C
Mag Citrate…and many more!

Buy these now because they won’t be there when the SHTF, I promise!

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