segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2012

New Host for “Dual Survival”?

Found this rumor on soldier systems, is it true? we will have to wait and see ....

New Host for “Dual Survival”?:
It’s well known in the prepper community that the Discovery Channel series hit a pregnant pause as the show looked for a replacement for Dave Canterbury. Old pro Cody Lundin has remained with the show but folks have been scratching their heads wondering who the new co-star would be. Well, we think we have it figured out.

We believe that the new co-host for season three of Discovery Channel’s “Dual Survival” is Joe Teti who is a Veteran of the US Marines, Army Special Forces and OGA. Joseph Teti is also the director of International Security Consultants.
Season three of “Dual Survival” is currently in production and just wrapped up episode four.

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