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Been busy . . .

Been busy the last week

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Axe Blocks

Bahco Axe (HUS-0.8-500) review [EN]

Some time ago, while  viewing the catalog of Bahcho, I found this ax (ref: HUS-0.8-500) that caught my attention for several reasons, firstly the size of 50cm ash handle (which I think is ideal for carrying backpack), the design of the head and the relatively low price at around € 30. 
As I am a happy owner of an SA Wetteelings Large Hunting Axe, this purchase was more consumer momentum and curiosity than a real need for a new ax. 
For test purposes will compare the Bahco to the Wetteelings which has the same size.

The handle is 50cm long, partially painted orange and completely covered with varnish. The head is partially coated with the same orange ink as cable being secured to the cable by a plastic wedge !? The most curious of the wedge is that include a mount that is probably to hang them on the display shelves of stores. This type of wedge is not at all usual and let me have some doubts as to their safety, although during all tests never gave up or showed signs being loose . In th…

Bahco axe (HUS-0.8-500) review [PT]

À algum tempo atrás, enquanto folheava o catalogo da Bahcho, descobri este machado( ref:  HUS-0.8-500 ) que me despertou a atenção por varias razoes, por um lado o tamanho de 50cm em freixo (que na minha opinião é o ideal para transportar na mochila), o desenho da cabeça e em ultimo lugar o preço relativamente baixo, na casa dos 30€. 
Sendo eu um feliz proprietário de um SA Wetteelings Large Hunting Axe, esta compra foi mais um ímpeto consumista e curiosidade do que uma real necessidade de um novo machado. 
Para efeitos de teste irei comparar o bahcho com o Wetteelings que tem sensivelmente o mesmo tamanho.

O manchado tem 50cm de comprimento, parcialmente pintado de laranja e completamente coberto de verniz. A cabeça está parcialmente pintada com a mesma tinta laranja do cabo, estando presa ao cabo através de uma cunha de plástico!? O mais curioso desta cunha é incluir uma alça que provavelmente serve para os pendurar nos expositores das lojas. Este tipo de cunha não é de todo habitu…

New Host for “Dual Survival”?

Found this rumor on soldier systems, is it true? we will have to wait and see ....

New Host for “Dual Survival”?:
It’s well known in the prepper community that the Discovery Channel series hit a pregnant pause as the show looked for a replacement for Dave Canterbury. Old pro Cody Lundin has remained with the show but folks have been scratching their heads wondering who the new co-star would be. Well, we think we have it figured out.

We believe that the new co-host for season three of Discovery Channel’s “Dual Survival” is Joe Teti who is a Veteran of the US Marines, Army Special Forces and OGA. Joseph Teti is also the director of International Security Consultants.
Season three of “Dual Survival” is currently in production and just wrapped up episode four.

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Bainha simples para machado Bahco

Quick and dirty little axe sheath i made for a Bahco Axe

"the big disconnect"