The PowerPot is an amazing new 5W generator that can charge any of your USB devices. It's a waterproof, fire-resistant, and built-to-last portable generator. It is also lightweight at less than a pound!

The PowerPotTM is an innovative power generator that produces electricity using state-of-the-art thermoelectric technology.  Use it to charge your USB devices, power lights, or listen to music while heating up a pot of water.
Applications for the PowerPotTM include:
  • Charging a smart-phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry) or any cell phone with a USB charger
  • Charging GPS devices or satellite phones for preparedness in any situation (ideal for the backcountry or remote/rural locations)
  • Generating power to play music while camping or backpacking
  • Quiet power generation in any setting, including RVs and boats--It's completely silent!
Because the PowerPotTM is a portable and very reliable power generator, you can pack it up and carry it with you anywhere! Use your PowerPotTManytime; day or night, rain or shine, indoors or out!
The PowerPot is very portable. Take it anywhere you go.
Illuminate the scene with the PowerPot
Features that make the PowerPotTM stand out as an electrical generator are:
  • Versatility - Works with various heat sources and fuels
  • Reliability - Simple design; no moving parts that can fail
  • Portability - Lightweight (8 oz) and compact (5"x6")
  • Durability - Built to last
  • Simplicity - Easy to use, like making a cup of tea
  • On Demand - Generates power when you want it within seconds
  • Co-generation - Makes hot water while generating electricity
  • Silence - Power generation is completely silent
Naturally, everyone wants to know how much electricity the PowerPotTM can supply.  The amount of power availible is determined by the temperature difference between the bottom of the pot and the contents inside (see How it Works).  You have control over the power output of the system by choosing the intensity of the heat source you use.  Using a moderately intense flame and water that is cooler than boiling you can maximize power generation and achieve power output of 5 W.  With the water at a simmering boil you can sustain power outputs over 3W.  This means you can use it to charge and/or power USB devices such as an MP3 player and set of speakers while your heating up some water.  The power regulator included with the Power PotTMgenerator uses the best available technology to efficiently and safely transfer energy to your mobile device. 
Product Specifications
Size 4.5" x 5" (7" x 5" with lid)
Weight12 oz (339g), 19 oz (550g) with lid & regulator
Power Output5 Watt max under optimum conditions (~1A at ~5V)
Voltage RegulatorUSB A standard charging port, solid-state environmentally-hardened power circuit, fire-resistant cable and connector 



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