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by Mike Clelland! | 2011-04-21
This is rule number one, and it's absolutely essential. Do not proceed until this is solved. There is simply no way around it; weighing your gear is a prerequisite.

If you are an aspiring ultralight camper, this is the one and only tool that is truly required to get your pack weight to plummet. A simple digital postal scale has accuracy down to a tenth of an ounce, and knowing the weight of every single item is essential.

These are cheap and easy to find; a simple 5-pound digital postal scale from any office supply store is perfect. No need to pay more than 35 bucks, and if you shop around, there are good scales for as little as $19.95.


  • 1. Get a scale

  • 2. Comfortable and safe are vital!

  • 3. Scrutinize everything!

  • 4. Make your own stuff, and making it out of trash is always best!

  • 5. It's okay to be nerdy

  • 6. Try something new every time you go camping

  • 7. Simply take less stuff!

  • 8. Know the difference between wants and needs

  • 9. Cut stuff off your gear

  • 10. Document your gear

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