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Worlds Toughest Expeditions with James Cracknell Sunday 22 April 9PM


Stitching pony

Nos ultimo dois dias, tenho estado ocupado em fazer um "Stitching pony" (não sei como se diz em português) que a muito andava a magicar fazer. Esta equipamento vai-me ajudar imenso no processo tedioso que é coser a as peças que faço.

In the last 2 days i have been occupied with the making of a  Stitching pony that i was planning to do for some time now. This equipment will help me allot in the tedious  process of  stitching my leather work.

Sheath for hunting knife

This was a knife i made for a friend that is  knife-maker. This is a huge knife, 20 cm blade that was made for hunting. As always i have used 3mm leather.

Knife Sheath

One more sheath made.3mm Leather for horizontal usage.

Has “Bushcraft” Missed the Point?

A very interesting reflection about bushcraft and buscrafters, that i fully agree with. by

Has “Bushcraft” Missed the Point?:
Let me start out by saying that for this post I will be using the term “bushcraft”, not in the way that I ordinarily do to designate wilderness skills, but rather in the way it is usually used these days, to designate the activity itself.

I have to be honest, when I first started my blog, I wanted to make it clear that I am not a pure bushcrafter as I saw people use the term. I am a mix of a lot of things. I don’t pretend to live off the land. I carry what I need, and have nothing against technology. Once I started writing however, I found myself pulled in the direction of what is typically called “bushcraft”, largely because I found the prospect of using natural resources rather than gear enticing. Because of that, I joined all the forums, started going to meetings, and tried to learn what bushcraft is really about. What I write …

Swedish Spoon Maker


Bushcraft Sheath

Bushcraft style sheath that can be used with a wide range of knifes from Moras, woodlore and similiar in size. Completely made from 3mm leather with fixed firesteel support.
To know how to have one just like this, visit

Bainha tipo Bushcraft que pode ser usada para diversas facas desde Moras, Woodlore e semelhantes dimensões. Feita de couro de 3mm inclui montagem fixa para firesteel  Para saber como ter uma igual, visite

Bushcraft – How To Tread Your Own Path

By http://www.skillsforwildlives.comBushcraft – How To Tread Your Own Path:
What do you think is the most important bushcraft skill? Fire lighting? Shelter building? Woodcraft? Plant & tree ID?

I think it’s something far more basic – being comfortable in the outdoors. Comfortable enough that you can deal with unexpected weather conditions, equipment failure, and most other things without too much drama and without ending up in a potentially dangerous survival situation.

How do you get this comfortable in the outdoors? I believe it’s through knowing yourself and how you react to stresses. It’s about finding out how to tread your own path. I don’t mean this in a navigational sense – think of it like finding your way through the maze of bushcraft and survival information and kit recommendations to find what suits you personally.

Modern Marvels S14E14 Axes


Bushcraft Sheath

This is the last one, a bushcraft style sheath. It as a support for a 6mm firesteel

Bushcraft / Survival pouch

The is the second piece of the 3 pieces order. A bushcraft / survival pouch.

Leather Sheath for FK F1 + DC4

This sheath is part of a 3 pieces order that i received some time ago. It is made for a FK1 and includes a pocket for a DC4 sharpening stone. 

Ultralight Tip of the Week

By http://www.backpackinglight.comUltralight Tip of the Week: "
Rotating feature with tips and illustrations from Mike Clelland!'s new book Ultralight Backpackin' Tips by Mike Clelland! | 2011-04-21
This is rule number one, and it's absolutely essential. Do not proceed until this is solved. There is simply no way around it; weighing your gear is a prerequisite.

If you are an aspiring ultralight camper, this is the one and only tool that is truly required to get your pack weight to plummet. A simple digital postal scale has accuracy down to a tenth of an ounce, and knowing the weight of every single item is essential.

These are cheap and easy to find; a simple 5-pound digital postal scale from any office supply store is perfect. No need to pay more than 35 bucks, and if you shop around, there are good scales for as little as $19.95.

Sheath for Mora CLipper

This is a "new" sheath i made, well is not new, it was a project that was and the shelf that i didn't liked from the begin at made some modification so it could be showed.

How to start in Green Woodwork

by http://seanhellman.blogspot.ptGet woodworking week 5th - 11th Feb. How to start in Green Woodwork: All around the internet, there is a group of woodworkers writing and talking with the intention of getting people into woodworking. I came across this via Tom, and I thought it was a great idea. Sometimes it can be hard for people to get good simple info about starting work in wood. I hope that this blog is also one that will be shared with others who have not experienced the simple joys of working green wood.

So in keeping with green woodworking I will suggest a starter kit of tools to get you going. This set of tools will be for working with and converting the wood into all sorts of artefacts; from spoons to kuksas, coat pegs to gypsy flowers.

The very basic and essential tools are an axe and a knife. The axe should be small, as a lighter tool is best for longer periods of work. I find the GB wildlife hatchet perfect, or a 1.5 llb Kentish pattern axe. These are ideal to carve and s…

Dual Survival Season 3 – Cast Changes

Dual Survival Season 3 – Cast Changes:
Well, it seems that most of the survival/bushcraft related shows that we have had in the past few years are going off the air. Man, Woman, Wild will not be returning for another season, and as we know, Man vs. Wild is gone. Until Survivorman returns, at a yet unknown date, Dual Survival seems to be the main show left in this category.

Yes, the show will be back for a third season. However, there will be changes. It appears that Cody Lundin will be back, but Dave Canterbury will not.
Here is what Dave posted on his Facebook page:
“All- I wanted to say Congratulations to the Crew of Dual Survival in the announcment of Season 3, however with that said I will not be involved in Season 3. I have many commitments to Family and Buisness and many more months away from home and family is just not my wish at the present time. My current goals are more based on Pathfinder School Activities. I am sure Discovery has found a suitable replacement and I look f…

How to make Bucksaw


The big adventure begins ...

In a blink of an eye, a new human being with 3kg and 48cm of perfection, changes our life around.

Gransfors Bruks Axe Forge Tour


How To Choose The Right Machete: Your Machete Style & Function Guide

By http://willowhavenoutdoor.comHow To Choose The Right Machete: Your Machete Style & Function Guide: "

Notice the title of this post. It is not “Should you own a Survival Machete” or “Is a Machete right for you?”. The title is HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT MACHETE. I am assuming you are already aware that a machete is a SPOG (Stock Piece of Gear) for any outdoor and survival enthusiast. Are machetes necessary to survival? No. However…

Second to a good knife, a machete can be your new best friend. Machetes are built for work and abuse. They can make quick work of a variety of survival tasks such as clearing brush, chopping wood, building shelters, gathering cordage, processing large game and the list goes on and on. They are a staple tool in basically every indigenous culture on the planet – and for good reason - they are very inexpensive, extremely functional and incredibly easy to maintain.

Besides the obvious uses, machetes m…

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